Webinaria: Biurowe narzedzia informatyczne | Narzedzia business intelligence

POWER BI Desktop – cool tips and tricks which will help you get started



Interested in cool features in Power BI Desktop?  Make sure to see this webinar. Power BI not only will help you download and transform huge amounts of data –  It will also allow you to create state of the art visualizations.


  • Importing and transforming data
    • Basic transformations
    • Fuzzy matching
    • Role of relationships
  • Creating visualizations
    • Basic visualizations
    • Modifying interactions
    • Basic calculations – creating measures
    • Modifying context of calculations
  • How to have lot of information with limited space
    • Tooltip
    • Drill through
  • Importing data with Power Query
    • Transforming data and converting to function
    • Creating query to list files to import
    • Combining query with functions

Tomasz Grabowski

Trainer, passionate about rporting and data visualization. He's been creating databases, reports and visualizations for the largest clients on the market for over 14 years. Since 2006 he's trained over 7500 people of Power BI, SQL, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. His experience contains over 1500 training days.