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MS Excel - Data analysis and business modeling

kod szkolenia: EX BIZ / ENG DL 2d

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W celu uzyskania informacji skontaktuj się z działem handlowym. W celu uzyskania informacji skontaktuj się z działem handlowym.
1 700,00 PLN 2 091,00 PLN brutto

The training is intended for management staff, financial analysts, employees of economic analysis and logistics departments who use Microsoft Excel application.

  • Gaining skills of optimising financial decisions
  • creating reports with the use of MS Excel tools
  • an ability to optimise financial decisions by using MS Excel for business situation modelling
  • becomign familiar with data analysis in MS Excel – pivot charts and pivot tables.


  • Training: English
  1. Functions supporting decision making process
    • Financial (the value of money in time, credits, deposits)
    • Investing (a criterion of discounted value net and internal rate of return)
    • Search functions
  2. Array formulas
    • An alternative for absolute addressing
    • Expanding standard capabilities of Excel functions
  3. Analysing vulnerabilities
    • Table object
    • Formants, navigation elements
    • Comparative analysis using Scenario Manager
    • Power View – report of results
  4. Optimisation
    • The use of Solver add-on for: establishing an optimal production stock; solving transport and distribution problems, employment planning; investment outlays planning
  5. Data analysis with the use of pivot tables
    • Consolidating a few charts – pivot table creator,
    • Creating data model – data analysis from several tables
    • Creating, modifying, selecting an appropriate table layout
    • Calculated fields and elements
    • Downloading data from pivot table
  6. Predicting – a review of Analysis ToolPak add-on possibilities
    • Summing up dependencies with the use of correlation
    • Polishing time arrays – moving average and exponential smoothing
    • Setting the trend (line, exponential, power type)
    • Multiple regression: quantitative factors; qualitative factors; seasonality
    • Single- and two-factor variation analysis
  7. Working on multiple documents