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Robotic Process Automation Foundation

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  • IT specialists who want to gain knowledge in the field of business process automation in RPA technology
  • Owners of business processes, for whom the automation is required
  • Employees of departments and departments related to business processes in the organization (including business process optimization departments)
  • Company executives to learn RPA technology and its potential application in the business processes of enterprises.
  • Learn about Robotic Process Automation technology and how it can be used in enterprise business processes.
  • Gain knowledge in the selection and prioritization of automation processes.
  • Understanding best practices and development framework for RPA
  • Explore the RPA developer's work environment and build a robot for established, basic applications

None (this is foundation course which is a starting point for all beginners in the area of RPA)

  • Language: English
  • Materials: English
  1. RPA Fundamentals
    • Introduction to Business Process Robotization – RPA?
    • Overview of existing RPA technology solutions on the market
    • Overview of best practices for creating robots based on the UiPath Best Practice Guide
    • Ways to identify processes that can be automated using robots.
    • How to build a business case (estimation of costs and possible savings).
    • How to deal with the robot implementation process.
    • How to analyze the process
    • Case study related to conducting process analysis for automation
    • Robot implementation
    • How to handle errors and unforeseen situations (including communication with the user)
    • How to design and test a robot
    • Implementation and maintenance of a working robot
    • Roles in RPA-related processes 
    • Scaling RPA-based processes
    • Security requirements for the use of RPA in organizations
    • Future robotization in particular integration with AI
  1. Software Robots prepataration – technical aspects
    • Familiarize with the UiPath work environment 
    • Overview of robot building techniques in UiPath
    • Overview of individual elements(activities) UiPath
    • Overview of techniques for automating basic interfaces (image and text) web, desktop, PDF, Excel, Email
    • Create a simple robot in UiPath
    • Familiarize with the error handling mechanisms in UiPath
    • Log on of a robot's run
    • Overview of how to create documentation for a robot
    • Building a robot farm based on the UiPath Orchestrator – UiPath support for multi-robot management