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Building authority and leadership in the team

kod szkolenia: HR-LS / ENG-2D

Author training in the field of creating authority and leadership in a team.

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W celu uzyskania informacji skontaktuj się z działem handlowym. W celu uzyskania informacji skontaktuj się z działem handlowym.
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Training recommended for experienced managers.

After completing the classes, participant:

  • Is able to consciously build his own leadership skills and image in the eyes of his employees.
  • Is able to avoid typical mistakes made by managers in the area of being employees’ leader.
  • Is aware of his own leadership style and can adjust it to dynamically changing business circumstances.
  • Knows the elements of his own personality, which might be foundation of building true image and charismatic leader.
  • Is aware of the influence of his own habits and schemes of action on motivation and co-workers’ engagement.
  • Can adjust his own communication style to subordinates in the way that allows a true agreement.

Managerial experience

  • Training: English
  • Materials: English

Managers and leaders

  • Differences between tasks and scope of manager’s activities and tasks and scope of leader’s actions.
  • Why one group of managers are considered as leaders and are held in high regard why other group doesn’t?

Building an authority of a leader

  • Factors building an authority of a leader.
  • Factors undermining an authority of a leader.
  • Building a trustworthy image and position of a leader in the group.
  • How can outstanding leaders be described ( Buckingaham and Coffman approach)?
  • Mistakes made by managers during begining work with a new team.

My style as a team leader

  • Diagnosing students’ leadership style.
  • Indicating strengths in the area of building leadership in the area of team management.
  • Identifying features of his own personality based on Personality Questionnaire.
  • Creating a map of talents in your own team – how elements of my personality might inspire others, positively motivate and encourage to act?

Leadership in changing environment

  • Situational leadership model („One minute manager” approach according to K. Blanchard).
  • Leadership style and level of employees’ readiness to achieve goals.
  • Leadership in situation of change and market turmoil.
  • Applying situational leadership model in working with the team.

Manager’s responsibility.

  • Motivating and demotivating messages  – building an attitude of responsibility among employees.
  • Scope of responsibilities and tasks assigned to a manger by his team.
  • Team’s expectations and needs in relation with a manager.
  • Using feedback as a tool which allows for ethical forcing influence on co-workers, building engagement and motivating the team.

Leader’s authority and forcing influence

  • Influential circles of a leader and effective influence management.
  • Chief’s speech – a tool to build authority and model employees’ behavior.
  • Constructive feedback for a team – building desired attitude and behavior in the context of social group which is a team.
  • Personality traits, chief’s speech – making use of your own strengths in creating an image of a responsible manager.