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Building authority and leadership in the team

training code: HR-LS / ENG-2D / EN

Author training in the field of creating authority and leadership in a team.

level Intermediate

For more information, please contact the sales department. For more information, please contact the sales department.
1,950.00 PLN 2,398.50 PLN with TAX

Training recommended for experienced managers.

After completing the classes, participant:

  • Is able to consciously build his own leadership skills and image in the eyes of his employees.
  • Is able to avoid typical mistakes made by managers in the area of being employees’ leader.
  • Is aware of his own leadership style and can adjust it to dynamically changing business circumstances.
  • Knows the elements of his own personality, which might be foundation of building true image and charismatic leader.
  • Is aware of the influence of his own habits and schemes of action on motivation and co-workers’ engagement.
  • Can adjust his own communication style to subordinates in the way that allows a true agreement.

Managerial experience

  • Training: English
  • Materials: English

Managers and leaders

  • Differences between tasks and scope of manager’s activities and tasks and scope of leader’s actions.
  • Why one group of managers are considered as leaders and are held in high regard why other group doesn’t?

Building an authority of a leader

  • Factors building an authority of a leader.
  • Factors undermining an authority of a leader.
  • Building a trustworthy image and position of a leader in the group.
  • How can outstanding leaders be described ( Buckingaham and Coffman approach)?
  • Mistakes made by managers during begining work with a new team.

My style as a team leader

  • Diagnosing students’ leadership style.
  • Indicating strengths in the area of building leadership in the area of team management.
  • Identifying features of his own personality based on Personality Questionnaire.
  • Creating a map of talents in your own team – how elements of my personality might inspire others, positively motivate and encourage to act?

Leadership in changing environment

  • Situational leadership model („One minute manager” approach according to K. Blanchard).
  • Leadership style and level of employees’ readiness to achieve goals.
  • Leadership in situation of change and market turmoil.
  • Applying situational leadership model in working with the team.

Manager’s responsibility.

  • Motivating and demotivating messages  – building an attitude of responsibility among employees.
  • Scope of responsibilities and tasks assigned to a manger by his team.
  • Team’s expectations and needs in relation with a manager.
  • Using feedback as a tool which allows for ethical forcing influence on co-workers, building engagement and motivating the team.

Leader’s authority and forcing influence

  • Influential circles of a leader and effective influence management.
  • Chief’s speech – a tool to build authority and model employees’ behavior.
  • Constructive feedback for a team – building desired attitude and behavior in the context of social group which is a team.
  • Personality traits, chief’s speech – making use of your own strengths in creating an image of a responsible manager.