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SAFe® DevOps

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Delivering valuable solutions, faster, doesn’t involve just engineers developing software. It involves introducing a shared DevOps mindset among all the people who define, build, test, deploy, and release software-driven products.

The SAFe® DevOps course helps people in technical, non-technical, and leadership roles optimize their development value stream from end to end. Take this course with the rest of your cross-functional team to map your current value stream from concept to cash. Design a Continuous Delivery Pipeline that’s relevant to your business. And get the guidance and tools you need to work effectively in remote environments with distributed teams.



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czas trwania 2 dni |  16h|  28.08 29.08
2 900,00 PLN + 23% VAT (3 567,00 PLN brutto)
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2 900,00 PLN
czas trwania 2 dni |  16h|  21.11 22.11
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2 900,00 PLN
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  • Developers, Testers/QA, Architects, Scrum Masters.
  • System and IT Operations team representatives.
  • Managers and leaders of programs, projects and products.

Attendees learn:

  • How to incorporate continuous testing and continuous security into the delivery pipeline.
  • How to integrate continuous exploration, integration, and deployment, and release value to end users on demand.
  • How to design and implement an actionable DevOps transformation plan tailored to your organization.
  • How to evaluate and improve your current state using tools like the DevOps Health Radar and Transformation Canvas.

PDU and SEU points

Participants have the right to apply for 15 PDUs necessary to obtain or continue Project Management Institute (PMI) certificates – applies to PMP, PgMP oraz PMI_ACP certificates.

The training is intended for everyone interested in this subject, regardless of their experience.

Note: If you intend to take the SAFe® DevOps Certification Examination, you should have:

  • o   experience in Scrum
  • Training: English
  • Materials: English
  • Exam: English
  1. Introducing DevOps.
  2. Mapping Your Value Stream.
  3. Gaining alignment with Continuous Exploration.
  4. Building quality In with Continuous Integration.
  5. Reducing time-to-market with Continuous Deployment.
  6. Delivering Business Value with Release on Demand.
  7. Taking action.
  8. Practicing SAFe.