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Robotic Process Automation Developer

kod szkolenia: RPA_DEV / ENG DL 3d

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  • Software developers who want to expand their programming knowledge with RPA technology
  • IT specialists who want to learn the principles of RPA development implementation in order to independently create software robots
  • Specialists of business departments intending to automate their processes in RPA technology
  • Understanding Robotic Process Automation technology in the area of development, implementation and maintenance of enterprise robotization
  • Retail knowledge of UiPath features
  • Programming robots according to established business requirements (simulation of real business processes and their automation)
  • Learn how to handle exceptions and unforeseen situations
  • Stabilization of software robots
  • Gain knowledge in the organization of the enterprise robotization project

Fundamentals of RPA, RPA Foundation Training finished

  • Language: English
  • Materials: English
  1. Introduction to UiPath
  2. UiPath Documentation
  3. Variables, data types
    • Introduction
    • Theoretical basis
    • Practical examples
  1. Introductions to flow recording notation 
  2. Introduction to flow control 
    • Conditional statements 
    • Loops 
    • Flow organization types
    • Advanced control flow 
  3. Data manipulation
    • Scalar variables, collections, tables
    • Text suport
    • Data collection and submission 
  4. Recording
    • Basic and desktop recording
    • Record online 
  5. Advanced interaction with the user interface
    • Interaction methods (both input and output)
    • Screen parsing
    • Parsing data
  6. Selectors
    • Selectors Introduction
    • Define selectors
    • Dynamic selectors
  7. Automate image and text
    • Image-based automation: Basic Citrix and RDP recording
    • Automate with images
    • Keyboard automation
    • Data extraction
    • OCR engines
  8. Advanced Citrix-based automation
  9. Excel and data tables
    • Basic interactions
    • Data processing
  10. Pdf document processing
    • Extract data from a PDF
    • Extract a single piece of data
  11. Automate email
    • Interact with emails
    • Send an e-mail message
  12. Debugging and exception handling
    • UiPath Debugging Tools
    • Troubleshoot data entry
    • Exception capture
    • Business exceptions
  13. Robot orchestration
    • How to deploy and run a process
    • How to publish workflow
    • How to create an environment
    • Job scheduling
    • How the task queue works, handling pending tasks, canceling and terminating tasks
    • How to monitor all robots recorded in Orchestrator
    • How error messages are forwarded
    • What are UiPath Orchestrator resources
    • How to store credentials in Orchestrator
    • What are Orchestrator queues
    • How to use queues to work with lists of items supported by multiple robots
    • How to add items to queues and how to receive transactional items
  14. Project organization
    • Introduction to project organization
    • Basic good practices
    • Example of a project organization
    • Project organisation – Summary