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Project patterns in JavaScript

kod szkolenia: JSWP / ENG DL 3d

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W celu uzyskania informacji skontaktuj się z działem handlowym. W celu uzyskania informacji skontaktuj się z działem handlowym.
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The training is intended for the people who would like to enrich their workshops with an ability to use project patterns.

The participants are acquainted with production good practices and architectural structures proper for JavaScript language in ES6+ standard, which are the foundation of scalable web applications.

Knowledge of JavaScript language.

  • Training: English
  1. JavaScript characteristics in ES6+ standard
  2. Developer tools on Node.js platform
    • Babel compilator and code conversion
    • statistical code analysis with ESLint
    • automating the building process with WebPack
  3. Patterns of modular structure of applications, CommonJS, AMD
  4. The elements of functional software
  5. Engineering project patterns
    • creative: Singleton, Factory, Builder, Prototype
    • structural: Facade, Proxy, Adapter, Bridge, Decorator, Composite
    • behavioural: Command, Observer, Iterator, State, Strategy
  6. Patterns related to the view layer implementation
    • MVC, MVP, MVVM
  7. Implementation and the use of patterns, CQRS and EventSourcing
  8. SPA application architecture
  9. State containers, Flux, Redux