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MS Excel – Good practices and solutions

kod szkolenia: EX02 / ENG DL 2d

MS Excel application has become so widely known that it is hard to imagine functioning of a company without using it. Its versatility is helpful in several numbers of topics, starting from the simplest tables, and finishing with complex comparisons and analyses. Moreover, a continuous product development encourages to gain ever increasing knowledge from its use.

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W celu uzyskania informacji skontaktuj się z działem handlowym. W celu uzyskania informacji skontaktuj się z działem handlowym.
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The training has been designed so as to address three groups of users:

  • Beginners who has just started their adventure with MS Excel, but already use other MS Office applications
  • People who gain experience on their own, who wish to obtain the essence of the most important information in systematized way
  • People who have already become acquainted with  MS Excel, but would like to get to know several new opportunities which have appeared along with the latest application versions

The content of the training is going to allow to learn new habits easily and show good practices which not only will result in better working performance, but also allow to use gathered data by more advanced users without any problem.

  • An ability to use several embedded automatic and semi-automatic tools accelerating work
  • Being acquainted with a correct preparation of data scope
  • Basic opportunities of visualizing data both using graphs and conditional formatting
  • Understanding errors resulting from incorrect data entering and storing related both to types of data and formatting
  • Knowledge necessary to create calculations quickly and using proper types of addressing
  • Using the power of hundreds of embedded functions which significantly shorten the time of performing many activities
  • A collection of good practices, which might be very beneficial in accelerating the process of being acquainted with complex an application of MS Excel

An ability to navigate in MS Windows environment or completed EX01 training

  • Training: English
  • Materials: English
  1. Introduction to MS Excel and its environment
    • Elements of a window
    • Quick Access Bar
    • Smooth navigation in MS Excel sheet
  2. Appropriate data storage
    • The rules of appropriate data storage
    • Introduction and data edition
    • Table object
    • Copying and transferring
  3. Data preparation
    • Flash Fill tool
    • Data series
    • Comments
    • Autofilter
    • Data type recognition
    • Erase duplicates tool
  4. Formulas, functions, data analysis
    • Flash analysis tool
    • Types of cell addressing
    • The most important functions  (among others SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, IF; COUNT, COUNTBLANK, COUNTA, …)
    • Copying and transferring formulas
    • Function constructor
    • Mathematical operators
  5. Data formatting and file preparation
    • Embedded table styles
    • The basics of conditional formatting
    • Formats painter
    • Manual modification of cell and table style
    • Page settings
    • Printing options
    • Securing with a file and folder password
  6. Graphs
    • Using recommended graphs
    • Matching the type of graph to data
    • Adjusting the elements of graph