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Design thinking in business practice

kod szkolenia: HR-KK-T-DT / DT_ENG


  • Acquaint participants with the newest knowledge about design thinking method.
  • Equip with tools  which allow to conduct design thinking session in an area and topic selected by a participant.
  • Provide information about factors facilitating and hindering a creative process of problem solving.
  • Show possibilities of business use of design thinking method.

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The training is dedicated to the all intrested. 

Development effects

After completing the classes the participant:

  • Can apply design thinking approach to solve selected business problems, for example developing solutions/products/services.
  • Knows how to conduct an effective design thinking session using appropriate techniques and tools supporting the process.
  • Can apply design thinking method in different business areas for example: marketing, management, creating new products.


1. Creative thinking and design thinking

  • What is design thinking?
  • Key steps  of design thinking method.
  • Applying design thinking.
  • Elements of creativity psychology – when do we think creatively, what are conditions for creative thinking?

What kills creativity? – creative process inhibitors.

2. Design thinking – step 1 – empathy

  • How to put yourself in recipient’s shoes?
  • What data to analyze?
  • Empathy tools:
    • personas
    • empathy map
    • social study: from ethnography to quantitative tools
  • Practical use of tools during analyzing real business problem.

3. Design thinking – step 2 – defining the problem

  • How to identify whether the problem is properly defined?
  • Well and wrong defined problems.
  • Tools supporting defining processes, for example 5 Why, Ishikawa’s diagram.
  • Practical use of tools during defining real business problem.

4. Design thinking – step 3 – coming up with solutions and ideas

  • Rules of creative coming up with ideas.
  • Tools of creative thinking which support coming up with ideas: from perfected brainstorm to superpositions.
  • Factors hindering coming up with ideas.
  • Practical use of tools during coming up with ideas for real business problem.

5. Design thinking – step 4 – prototyping

  • Why prototypes are so important?
  • Tools  to build prototypes for services and products: from a hammer and planks, software to prototyping mobile applications.

Practical use of prototyping tools for real business problem.

6. Design thinking – step 5 – testing

  • Why i sit worth testing?
  • Defining criteria which should be fulfilled during tests.
  • Testing environment.
  • Testing tools: from professional analyses to studies with users and statistical tests
  • Practical use of testing tools for real business problem.