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Microsoft Power BI

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W celu uzyskania informacji skontaktuj się z działem handlowym. W celu uzyskania informacji skontaktuj się z działem handlowym.
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The training is dedicated to all people whose task is to develop data from various sources for further analysis and reporting. Thanks to the use of tools available in Power BI, it is possible to improve and automate these tasks without the need to learn VBA. We especially recommend this training to employees who prepare multidimensional analyzes and reports.

  • You will know new possibilities for creating charts that will make your reports attractive.
  • You will learn how to refresh the data with selected and unusual for the end user.
  • You will see that the interface is user-friendly, which allows you to create visualizations at a very high level of advancement after the training.
  • You will be able to prepare reports that will be available for both in a desktop service as well as through a browser or a mobile application.
  • You will learn how to download data from various sources, including Excel, Text Files, Folder, Facebook, Oracle, IBM etc.
  • Full cooperation with Microsoft products (including Excel, SharePoint, OneDrive, etc.) is a great benefit for the user.
  • Power BI can be operated by people of various levels of advancement.

Basic knowledge of MS Excel


  1. Introduction
    • Discussing Power BI Desktop & On-Line
    • What is Business Intelligence
    • The essential benefits from the use of Power BI
  2. Connection with data coming from different sources
    • Files (among others Excel, CSV, TXT)
    • Folders
    • WWW websites
    • Relative databases
    • Other
  3. Relation management
    • Automatic relations detection
    • Manual adding relations
    • Modifying the existing relations
    • The features of connections (cardinality)
    • The role and the use of filtering directions
  4. How to deal with the low quality data – Power Query editor
    • Power Query editor capabilities
    • Operating on verses, columns
    • Changing the type of data
    • Separating and merging
    • Unpivot
    • Creating simple functions
  5. Data analysis
    • What is DAX (Data Analysis eXpressions) language
    • Making calculations with the use of the most important DAX functions
    • Creating calculation columns
    • Adding readymade calculations for visualisation
  6. Creating visualisation in Power BI
    • Website settings – size and proportions
    • A review of available visualisations
    • Discussing optimal ways to use the most popular visualisations
    • Filtering on the level of page, report, visualisation and measure
    • Modifying settings of formatting in the report
    • How to use calculation context in visualisations
    • The settings of visualisation’s interaction
    • Arranging and levelling visualisation
    • Downloading non-standard visualisation
  7. Report views
    • A view for computer
    • A view for telephone, tablet
  8. Publishing reports for Power BI Online service
    • Discussing Power BI Online (Working areas, Data sets, Reports, Desktops, Natural language) website services
    • Sharing reports