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Continuous Testing Foundation (CTF)- accredited training with exam

kod szkolenia: ZP-CTF-DOIen / ENG DL 2d

Learn how to optimize testing, to test faster and still obtain good quality and a consistent stable result. 

Continuous Testing enables faster, higher quality releases and reduced costs by seamlessly integrating into the Continuous Delivery process to identify and address risks at all stages of the development pipeline thereby minimizing business risk and impact on customers.

To maintain the highest quality learning for our community, DevOps Institute Certifications expire three years from the date of completion. Members can maintain their certification by participating in the Continuing Education Program and earning Continuing Education Units through participation in learning opportunities.

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The target audience for the Continuous Testing Foundation course is anyone involved in defining a DevOps Testing strategy, such as

  • Delivery Staff
  • DevOps Engineers
  • IT Managers
  • Project Managers 
  • Lab Staff
  • Maintenance and Support Staff
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Quality Assurance Teams
  • Release Managers
  • Testers
  • Software Engineers

Benefits for Individuals

  • Developers and QA career growth toward DevOps and digital transformation opportunities.
  • Skills gained positions individuals as DevOps leaders because specific test engineering skills are key to success with DevOps.

Benefits for Organizations

  • Well-engineered DevOps test environments accelerate releases, improve quality, and reduce waste
  • Test automation improves acceptance speed and frequency of software changes
  • Testing results provide a source of truth that helps align teams for greater efficiency and satisfaction

The participants receive vouchers, which are valid for 6 months, for online exam.

Having completed the training, the participant receives an e-mail with guidelines how to register on the exam. The date is determined directly with PeopleCert, with the use of participant’s account.

Online exam is conducted in the presence of proctor – a person from PeopleCert, who connects remotely with training participant’s desktop and observes the course of exam via Internet camera.

The person who takes the exam is obliged to show the place where he is going to write the exam to proctor via Internet camera. Proctor checks if there are not any other persons and study aids in the room.

Continuous Testing Foundation (CTF) exam:

  • exam duration 60  minutes
  • 40 multiple-choice questions
  • Required 65%, 26 correct answers
  • Opened book

An understanding and knowledge of common DevOps terminology and concepts and related work experience are recommended.

  • Training: English
  • Materials: English
  • Exam: English
  • Access to a platform with accredited training materials
  • Voucher for the Continuous Testing Foundation (CTF) online exam

Additional options:

  • Take2 re-sit exam: 200 zł 
    Attention: purchasing this option is only possible through Altkom Academy before the training.
  1. Module 1: What is the DevOps pipeline?
    • DevOps Testing on the pipeline 
    • Test strategy choices
    • Pre-Flight strategies
    • Continuous Integration Testing
    • System, Delivery and Customer Testing 
    • Test Environments
    • Lab Management 
    • Topology orchestration
  2. Module 2: Test Automation Frameworks
    • Test Tools
    • Selection criterion
    • Automated metrics
    • Key concepts 
  3. Module 3: Test Case Best Practices & Design Exercise
  4. Module 4: Test Suite Best Practices & Design Exercise
  5. Module 5: Principles of DevOps Management 
  6. Module 6: DevOps Test Management Metrics 
  7. Module 7: DevOps Management Tools
  8. Module 8: DevOps Test Results Analysis
  9. Module 9: Integrating DevOps Results Analysis
  10. Module 10: Test Management Exercise 
  11. Module 11: Fictitious Product Test Requirements 
  12. Module 12: Individual Exercise 
  13. Module 13: Class discussion
  14. Module 14: Exam Preparation