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P3O® Foundation - accredited training with exam

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The training introduces the subject of P3O® best practices – it provides knowledge about the way of functioning and implementation of Portfolios, Programs and Projects, based on recommended models, techniques, tools and roles. Training classes will show how to properly adapt the discussed concepts to the specifics of a given organization or its part.

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W celu uzyskania informacji skontaktuj się z działem handlowym. W celu uzyskania informacji skontaktuj się z działem handlowym.
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The training is addressed to people working in organizational units of the company that support the management of many projects (Design Offices, Programs, Portfolios) and to decision makers considering the possibility of optimizing investment activities in the company.

The course is an introduction to the issue of P3O® best practices – it provides knowledge from the range of functioning and implementing Portfolio, Programme and Project Office, basing on recommended models, techniques, tools and roles. Training classes will indicate how to adapt properly concepts discusses to specifics of particular organization or its part.

The participants receive vouchers, which are valid for 6 months, for online exam.

Having completed the training, the participant receives an e-mail with guidelines how to register on the exam. The date is determined directly with  PeopleCert, with the use of participant’s account.

Online exam is conducted in the presence of proctor – a person from PeopleCert, who connects remotely with training participant’s desktop and observes the course of exam via Internet camera.

The person who takes the exam is obliged to show the place where he is going to write the exam to proctor via Internet camera. Proctor checks if there are not any other persons and study aids in the room.

P3O Foundation exam:

  • Exam duration 60 minutes
  • 70 single choice questions
  • Required 50%, 35 correct answers
  • Closed book
  • Online version (with Proctor)

No special preparation of the students is required. The knowledge of design methods and tools is useful. It is necessary to read the manual.

Authorized manual is not part of standard materials, it can be purchased or English language version.

  • Training: English
  • Materials: English
  • Exam: English

The training price includes:

  • Accredited training materials
  • Voucher for the P3O® Foundation online exam
  • Authorized P3O® manual in the online version (as required by the vendor)

Additional options:

  • Take2 re-sit exam: 200 zł 
    Attention: purchasing this option is only possible through Altkom Academy before the training.
  1. Introduction to the training of the Portfolio Office, Programs and Projects
  2. Basic concepts related to P3O®
  3. The principles
  4. Why is it worth having P3O®?
  5. P3O® models
  6. P3O® roles
  7. Implementation of Portfolios, Programs and Projects
  8. Adapting models to a specific situation
  9. Tools and techniques
  10. Exam passing strategy
  11. Foundation exam