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ITIL® 4 Strategist Direct Plan and Improve (DPI) - accredited training with exam

training code: ZP-ITIL4-DPIen / ENG DL 3d / EN

A 3-day ITIL®4  Strategist: Direct, Plan & Improve (DPI) training is a shared element of two ITIL®4 paths leading to obtaining ITIL®4 Managing Professional (MP) and ITIL®4 Strategic Leader (SL) title. The ITIL®4 DPI training provides participants with proper knowledge and methods which they might use to be better leaders and co-workers, on whom you may base the future of your organization. Regardless the role in the organizaton and possessed authorizations, everyone has an opportunity to take a decision, even if they are limited to your own personal choices. Everybody should be planning something. Every person should contribute to implementing enhancements, and even lead them, as well as supervise them. The training explains the rules, the methods and techniques which might be commonly used to direct, manage  and improve. It presents tools and templates which might be used to introduce the guidelines discussed.

level Basic

For more information, please contact the sales department. For more information, please contact the sales department.
5,500.00 PLN 6,765.00 PLN with TAX

IT leaders and managers of all organizational levels who would like to obtain the ITIL® Managing Professional (MP) or ITIL Strategic Leader (SL) titles.

People involved in creating strategies and ways of IT and Business development;

Understanding the GRC role (Governance, Risk and Compliance) and gaining knowledge, as well as how to integrate the rules and methods with ITIL Service Value System (SVS);

Understanding and gaining knowledge of how to use key rules and methods of Continuous Improvement for all types of improvements;

Understanding and obtaining knowledge of how to use key rules and methods of Corporate Change Management to direct, plan and improve;

Understanding and gaining knowledge of how to use key rules and methods of measuring and reporting in management, direction and imrpovement;

Understanding and gaining knowledge of how to direct, plan and improve Value Streams and practices.

Acquaintance with the key terms related to Direct, Plan & Improve;

Understanding the scope of what you should follow and what you should plan, as well as enabling the use of the key rules and methods of directing and planning in these terms;

The participants receive vouchers, which are valid for 6 months, for online exam.

Having completed the training, the participant receives an e-mail with guidelines how to register on the exam. The date is determined directly with  PeopleCert, with the use of participant’s account.

Online exam is conducted in the presence of proctor – a person from PeopleCert, who connects remotely with training participant’s desktop and observes the course of exam via Internet camera.

The person who takes the exam is obliged to show the place where he is going to write the exam to proctor via Internet camera. Proctor checks if there are not any other persons and study aids in the room.

  • Exam duration: 90 minutes.
  • Multichoice questions.
  • There are 40 questions, each worth 1 mark. There is no negative marking.
  • Candidates need to get 28 questions correct (70%) to pass the exam.
  • This is a ‘closed book’ exam.
  • Training: English
  • Materials: English
  • Exam: English

The training price includes:

  • Accredited training materials
  • Voucher for the ITIL® 4 DPI online exam
  • Authorized ITIL® 4 DPI manual in the online version (as required by the vendor)

Additional options:

  • Take2 re-sit exam: 200 zł 
    Attention: purchasing this option is only possible through Altkom Academy before the training.
  1. The ITIL®4 DPI training provides IT specialists with practical abilities to create an organization which continuously learns and improves, while maintaining strong and successful strategic direction. The course agenda focuses on the following ITIL®4 practices:
  • Continual improvement
  • Measurement and reporting
  • Portfolio management
  • Organizational change management
  • Risk management
  1. The essential element of the training agenda is acquaintance with such methods of work as DevOps, Agile and Lean, as well as the fact of how to use them to the benefit of the whole organization. The training consists of practical and strategic elements of planning and delivering continuous improvements together with necessary agility.