Knowledge at your fingertips. What is Udemy Bussines?

Udemy Business is a next-generation e-learning platform. Created with business in mind, it provides access to a daily updated database of more than 16,400 trainings, in the field of IT solutions and soft competencies. By collaborating with trainers from around the world, Udemy Business training is always up-to-date and keeps pace with technology and business changes. With strict quality requirements (only courses with a minimum grade of 4. 5/5 are available on the platform, after additional verification by Udemy experts), you are guaranteed the highest level of service.

In what model do we sell Udemy Business?

Udemy Business is available as a subscription model.

The shortest access period is 1 year.

The minimum license package is access for 21 users.

We have two packages for you to choose from:

Udemy Business

guaranteeing access to all trainings on the platform

Udemy Business Pro

Extending the basic package with recommendations of training paths, competence tests, access to laboratories and practical exercises

what will you gain?

unlimited access to more than 7200 English-language training courses and more than 9200 in 13 other languages in all areas important for modern business

modern and user-friendly methods of expanding knowledge

easy integration with other e-learning systems

constant updates and improvements

option to personalize training according to your current needs

preparation courses for internationally recognized certification exams

quality assurance thanks to the system of evaluation and verification of training

permanent access to the training platform, 24 hours a day from the browser and mobile application

Udemy Business courses are for you if you:

  • You operate in a changing and dynamic industry that requires constant development from you.
  • You know that business success relies heavily on the skills of teams.
  • You want constant access to high-quality training materials.
  • You want your team to train at your chosen pace and time.
  • It sets market standards. With a dynamic platform model and thoughtful content selection, Udemy Business is constantly setting new paths and setting standards for the entire training industry.
  • Real-time updates. For important market events, client needs, or changes to exam programs, Udemy trainers can update their training in real time. In an age of continuous development of skills, constant access to reliable and up-to-date sources of knowledge is crucial. Since 2020, 64% of UB’s educational offer has been updated in all categories, with 40% of the market average.
  • Personalization of training and content. Udemy Business enables companies to create and share their own personalized courses on the platform that meet the specific needs of their organization.
  • It creates an engaging and enriching user experience by providing learners with access to an intuitive and preference-based user journey that provides learning that is easily absorbed on-the-job and includes interactive assessments, tests and resources.
  • Enables executives to monitor and analyze what they need to report and track user engagement and progress, as well as identify emerging trends.

We offer both access to the platform itself and development paths designed by our experts, based on the blended learning model. By combining different forms of knowledge delivery, you can simultaneously reap the benefits of traditional distance learning or stationary training, with the opportunity to further develop your competences based on e-learning. You choose the mode and pace you want to train.

Check how Udemy Business looks like in practice

Udemy from the user side

Udemy from the admin side

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