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Project and IT Service Management

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IT trainings
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Business applications

22 trainings

They support and improve business processes in the company, enabling, among others, project management, data analysis or task automation.


Cloud Computing

35 trainings

Technology that allows you to store and access data remotely, ensuring scalability, flexibility and performance.


Data & AI

31 trainings

A field involving the collection, analysis and use of big data to discover patterns and make decisions using AI.



17 trainings

Organized data sets collected and stored for easier access, management and analysis of information in IT systems.


DevOps tools

12 trainings

Methodology and set of practices combining software development with IT infrastructure management in order to shorten the implementation cycle.


IT architecture, planning and analysis

11 trainings

Analysis and planning business processes, as well as identifying and defining requirements for IT systems.


IT service management

30 trainings

Planning, implementing and maintaining IT services to ensure maximum efficiency and compliance with business requirements.


Modern Work

23 trainings

A modern way of working, based on digital technologies and a flexible approach to time and place of work.


Office applications

12 trainings

Office software used to perform various tasks in the work environment, i.e. creating text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.


Operation and Server Systems

79 trainings

Operating systems are responsible for resource management and computer operation. Servers enable resource sharing and customer service.


Programming languages and tools

35 trainings

Developing programming skills, software testing, and software management (including Java, Python, C++).



39 trainings

A set of practices, policies, and technologies designed to protect information systems, data, and networks from threats and unauthorized access.



4 trainings

Software verification, validation and quality through analysis, scenario execution, and bug identification and fixing.


About Altkom Akademia

We deliver business and technology courses.

Our offer includes more than a thousand trainings and exams, to which attended more than 650 thousand students. We work with more than 300 trainers – experts in their fields. Thanks to our high standards of training, we have been consistently ranked first in the training industry reports since 1999.



The classes fully met our expectations, both in terms of content and organization. An important element of our cooperation was the flexibility of the Altkom Akademia team at every stage of organizing and determining the class program. The company's trainers were distinguished by their high qualifications, extensive experience and professionalism in workshop activities. We can confidently recommend Altkom Akademia as a trusted and competent partner in the field of training and development.
Monika, Process and Tools Analyst, Training Implementation and Digitization Department
Orange Polska
The training was conducted at the highest level, thanks to the involvement of the Trainer and the Sales Supervisor who coordinated the project on the Altkom Akademia side. We recommend Altkom Akademia as a reliable and professional training provider
Santander Consumer Bank
The training was carried out in accordance with the requirements, in a professional manner and with appropriate commitment. The participants highly appreciated both the trainer's work and the training program and organization. We can undoubtedly recommend Altkom Akademia to other organizations as a reliable business partner, because the cooperation has had a significant impact on the satisfaction and work efficiency of our employees.
Sylwia, HR Generalist
We confirm 100% satisfaction with the service and recommend Altkom Akademia as a reliable business partner in the area of transferring knowledge and improving the competences of teams. The instructor demonstrated full knowledge of the issues discussed, explaining them to the audience in an accessible and understandable manner. The technical implementation of the training was flawless.
Sonia, Human Resources Specialist
Barry Callebaut SSC Europe

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