Microsoft’s software and operating systems have been the basis of the organizations’ functioning around the world for many years. The constantly developed Microsoft solutions are used in numerous areas, creating the foundation of corporate technological environments. The proposed trainings cover a wide range of products and tools and are adressed to administrators, engineers, programmers, architects and all other people involved in Microsoft systems.

IT projects and services should be managed in an organized manner to produce the desired results. Special methodologies and tools help to achieve this effect. Knowledge in this field is universal and useful in a variety of situations. The proposed trainings enable thorough preparation in this area and take into account the full range of standards, practices and techniques available on the market.

Dynamic reality requires companies to appreciate soft factors and the importance of people in the organization. Modern leadership must be based on social competences, recognize the needs of employees and create favorable conditions for their development. Today,  creativity and effective communication are becoming more and more important. The proposed training enables the strengthening of leadership, development and HR, preparing students for key challenges.

Programming is one of the most sought-after and best-rewarded competences on the job market. It is also an increasingly necessary condition for business success in the era of digital transformation. The proposed trainings cover the most important programmin languages and software frameworks as well as the full spectrum of paradigms and programming areas. We present a practical approach and an offer for clients of various skills and level of advancement.

Productivity software is the daily work of millions of people around the world – word-processing tools, spreadsheets as well as graphic, presentation and data analysis programs are necessary for both ordinary workers and specialists. The proposed trainings cover every level of advancement. We offer a selection of activities, incl. Office 365, Power BI, MS Project, VBA and RPA languages, cybersecurity awareness.

The software doesn’t arise in a vacuum – all IT projects and solutions are created in well-defined, complex environments and systems that build a special and specific architecture. Knowledge of it, along with the analysis of the most important contexts, is an indispensable condition for the success of projects. During the training, we familiarize students with issues related to process modeling, show the use of popular tools and methodologies for the management and organization of IT projects and teach effective requirements management and testing. We cover issues from various levels of advancement and difficulty.

Large and  complex operating systems serve as the basic technological work environment and respond to the most important business and development needs. Systems’ implementation, daily administration, configuration and management are activities of great importance – the level of their implementation often determines the efficient functioning of the entire organization. The proposed training in operating systems covers issues related to products such as VMware, Cisco, IBM and server systems. We deal with topics and problems of various levels of advancement, interesting for different groups of students.

In the modern economy, data is one of the most important resources – entire business models are based on it, and its skilful use can determine the competitive advantage of companies and their market success. Database management is becoming increasingly important, and tools such as SQL or relational data servers are used in organizations from various industries and with different specificities. The proposed trainings cover these issues and provide students with knowledge that will allow them to easily work with data.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are fields with great potential, playing an important transformative role and setting the technological standards of the future. Knowledge of the range is currently becoming one of the most desirable assets among IT specialists, and the created solutions will become more and more popular. The training offfer is designed to provide students with competences in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and to enable further independent work at various levels of advancement.

Cloud computing is a technological innovation of great importance – an increasing number of organizations use this secure, reliable and cost-effective data processing model, and its dynamic development is also constantly progressing. Cloud solutions are becoming the standard necessary to maintain high performance and smooth functioning of corporate environments. Our cloud computing trainings prepare students to work with leading platforms and the most important functionalities, showing at the same time their wide application and teaching self-administration.

Established in 2009, the DevOps (Development & Operations) methodology aims to integrate software developers with administrators responsible for its subsequent maintenance, with close involvement of the business side and an agile approach to product development. The proposed training prepares you to work with DevOps tools that enable the practical application of its principles. We present the CI / CD work culture models and the GIT distributed version control system. We show how to work with microservices  and use containerization. We cover configuration and container management and introduce the Test Driven Development technique.

Cybersecurity is one of the most pressing problems of our times. Nowadays, organizations are faced with the need to best protect their resources from digital criminals using a variety of sophisticated disinformation, theft and phishing techniques and tools. Also, non-technical users of computers and information systems need to be aware of the existing threats and be vigilant. Our trainings are aimed at both specialists and ordinary workers – we provide comprehensive knowledge about all important issues related to cybersecurity.


We create an Educational Environment for our students. We know that there is no universal teaching method, so we combine the best educational practices with modern online knowledge transfer tools. Thus, the Educational Environment supports participants in the learning process both during preparation and the actual training, and even after the classes have been completed. It helps employees to use the acquired knowledge in their workplace.


The educational space we create improves durability and outcomes of our training courses. It makes it easier for HR departments to carry out development projects.

Training participation gives our students access to an educational environment, its specialist resources, coaches, and other training participants.
An online extension of the Altkom Akademia classroom training, giving unlimited access to training resources, supplementary material, tests and surveys, homework, and classroom forum.
An extensive set of specialist resources related to training topics, in the form of articles, video lectures, Q&A sessions, and interactive quizzes.
Altkom Akademia’s offer from the perspective of educational needs of enterprises. You can start navigating on the map from a selected business area or a specific training.
Available both in your own training group and in the whole community of Altkom Akademia’s coaches and training participants.
They enable training participants to check their knowledge and evaluate the training. They let HR departments diagnose employees’ competences and make sure that the educational objectives have been achieved.


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