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SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master

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As a practicing scrum master in a SAFe® organization, you’ve got the tactical skills to coach Agile teams in delivering business value. Build on that strong foundation in the SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master course and discover how to facilitate success for Agile teams, Agile Release Trains (ARTs), and the organization. And get the guidance and tools you need to work effectively in remote environments with distributed teams.

Take your leadership skills to the next level. The SAFe Advanced Scrum Master course will give you the tools you need to improve your coaching and facilitation skills, avoid common missteps, and encourage relentless improvement. You’ll learn how to apply Lean, Kanban, DevOps, and SAFe principles to improve team and business outcomes. You’ll up-level your facilitation skills for key Agile and Scaled Agile Framework® events, whether they’re in person or across teams and time zones. And you’ll discover how communities of practice can support continuous improvement.

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mode Distance Learning

level Basic

duration 2 days |  16h|  27.06 28.06
3,000.00 PLN + 23% VAT (3,690.00 PLN with TAX)
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3,000.00 PLN
duration 2 days |  16h|  29.08 30.08
3,600.00 PLN + 23% VAT (4,428.00 PLN with TAX)
Poprzednia najniższa cena:
3,000.00 PLN
3,600.00 PLN 4,428.00 PLN with TAX
  • Scrum Masters,
  • Managers and leaders of programs, projects and products,
  • Managers of software development teams.

Attendees learn:

  • How to apply SAFe principles to facilitate, enable, and coach in a multi-team environment.
  • How to adopt scalable engineering practices, Kanban, DevOps, and Agile architecture to optimize flow.
  • How to advance your facilitation skills for ART and team event planning, execution, and delivering end-to-end value.
  • How to build communities of practice to support high-performing teams and ART efficiency.
  • How to lead distributed teams effectively in remote environments.

PDU and SEU points

Participants have the right to apply for 15 PDUs necessary to obtain or continue Project Management Institute (PMI) certificates – applies to PMP, PgMP oraz PMI_ACP certificates. Participants are eligible to apply for SEU points to earn or renew certification as part of the Scrum Alliance.

The training is intended for everyone interested in this subject, regardless of their experience. The general recommendation is to attend SAFe Scrum Master training prior to SAFe Advanced Scrum Master training.

Note: If you intend to take the SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master Certification Examination, you should have:

  • 2 year of experience in Scrum Master role, product management, project management or team management
  • experience in Scrum
  • Training: English
  • Materials: English
  • Exam: English
  1. Exploring the Scrum Master Role in SAFe.
  2. Applying SAFe Principles.
  3. Exploring Agile and Scrum Anti-Patterns.
  4. Facilitating Program Execution.
  5. Improving Flow with Kanban and XP.
  6. Building High-Performing Teams.
  7. Improving Program Performance.
  8. Becoming a Certified SAFe Advanced Scrum Master.