Altkom Akademia trainings

Distance Learning trainings are intended for people who would like to attend a full training during real time, without leaving home/office using modern electronic communication tools and your own equipment – computer, microphone, speakers, camera, and also the Internet connection.

The equipment has to fulfill a specific technical and quality requirements so that the training can be conducted without any disruptions, with full access to trainer and the content he or she delivers.

Providing comfortable external conditions, such as lack of disturbing sounds, is important as well.

The software required during training will be shared with participants both in terms of the subject of the course and the tool used for two-way video communication with the group and the trainer– we use a ZOOM application for audio and video communication.

We provide support of our IT team in terms of sharing and using software at the training

General requirements:

  • Desktop computer or notebook equipped with microphone and web camera with Internet browser using HTML 5.
  • The monitor with FullHD resolution.
  • Broadband access to Internet with at least 25/5 (download/upload) Mb/s throughput.
  • The participation in training via GSM (LTE) link is not allowed.
  • In case of trainings with laboratories we recommend using: hardware equipped with two monitors with minimum HD (or two computers) resolution, USB Internet camera, external speakers or headphones.


Further information about obligatory technical requirements will be provided by sales manager after filling in the application form for the training.

Distance Learning

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