Over 600,000 graduates

Management Board

Joanna Mihułka,

CEO of Altkom Akademia

She graduated from Poznan University of Economics with specialisation in international sales (1997-2002). She finished postgraduate studies „Coach Academy” at WSB University (2007). She studied at UEP „Doctoral Seminar in English” Management And Finance (2014-2016).
She gained her first professional experience in the year 2000 by coordinating marketing and export department in production and service company which she introduced to 18 foreign markets. She has been associated with education sector for several years. She ran her own training website and media house for training companies (2007-2012). At the time she was a member of the board of Polska Izba Firm Szkoleniowych. Between the years 2013-2015 she was a chancellor at Collegium da Vinci in Poznan, she was responsible for college’s development and finance.

She introduced new study subjects and developed cooperation between education and business. Between the years 2015-2019 she was a member of Parliament of the Republic of Poland, vice leader of Nowoczesna party. At the parliamentary club she was responsible for legislative process, she was a member of Commission of National Education. Vice leader of parliamentary club. Between the years 2019-2020 she was Chairwoman of training company. Since 2020 she works at Altkom Akademia S.A. She has practical training and manager experienced in sales, gaining subsidies and managing EU projects, as well as e-learning technologies.
She is interested in the phenomenon of life-long learning and child’s psychology, she focuses on reinforcing women’s resourcefulness in public and business activity, as well as developing equality standards in business and other areas of life.

Tadeusz Alster,

President of the Management Board of Altkom Akademia

Altkom Akademia S.A. founder, owner and Management Board President, with 30+ years of experience in the IT market in Poland. Altkom was established in 1988. At the beginning, the company focused on IT system integration.

In 1992 the portfolio was upgraded with B2B training courses for IT specialists and IT business users. In 1994 Tadeusz Alster made a decision to set up a team of several analysts and developers responsible for application development. Altkom-Matrix (the company’s name at that time) successes include development of a popular accounting program – Symfonia. Expanded on an ongoing basis, today the Software & Consulting team is composed of more than 200 employees, generating the annual revenue of PLN 30 million.

Between 1992 and 2003 Tadeusz Alster established a network of nine Altkom Akademia training centers located in: Gdynia, Poznań, Łódź, Wrocław, Kraków, Katowice, Warsaw, Lublin, and Rzeszów. Between 1992 and 1998 Altkom Akademia entered into strategic partnerships with the leading IT companies: Microsoft, Novell, IBM, Red Hat, Symantec, Ubuntu, VMware, to become a flexible authorized training course and examination center.

Under Tadeusz Alster’s leadership the company became a market leader and ever since 1999 has incessantly topped training industry rankings. Since 2005 Altkom Akademia has also been carrying out EFS educational projects.


Most important events and achievements

Training Centers

Our training centers are located in Poland’s largest cities:

  • Warsaw
  • Kraków
  • Łódź
  • Gdańsk
  • Poznań
  • Wrocław

You are more than welcome to use over 100 training rooms with almost 1,000 computer workstations.

All the centers are equipped with modern devices, air conditioned rooms, and rest areas. In addition, catering services are provided.


Co-financed Projects

We have extensive experience in implementing projects subsidized by the European Social Fund (EFS).

In the years 2005 - 2008, as part of Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development (SPO RZL), we have executed three large projects, funded by European Social Fund totalling nearly 100 million zloty including more than 4 500 trainings for 32 000 employees from over 3 000 Polish companies.

As part of Operational Programme Human Capital (POKL) – within the period of 2007 – 2015 – we received a subsidy for about 97 million zloty for the next 60 nationwide and regional training projects – open or dedicated for specific companies. Over 30 000 people attended trainings with different thematic area.


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Quality management system

We have implemented a quality management system consistent with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015

It goes to show that Altkom Akademia:

  • ensures methodological and subject-matter quality of its training,
  • ensures methodological and subject-matter quality of its training,
  • runs a system of internal audits guaranteeing training improvement,
  • is supervised by an independent certification entity.


Conferences, seminars, business meetings

The purpose of the meetings organized by Altkom Akademia is to provide managers and specialists with up-to-date knowledge on modern technologies, methodologies and standards offered by contemporary education to business.

Problem-oriented approach to topics, objectivity, high substantive level, meetings with specialists, and interesting discussions are a showcase of our events.