Applying our methods and standards, we have one goal

We want to assure our Customers that the training will be carefully prepared, professionally delivered, and adapted to the participants’ needs.

Training Standards,

or How We Teach

The learning process is based on the Altkom Akademia’s educational environment. It ensures continuous learning support — prior to, in the course of, and after the training. Therefore, it contributes to the improved learning outcomes and better utilization of acquired knowledge at work.

Thanks to the well-developed system of tests, surveys and quizzes, the educational environment allows training participants to check their learning progress.

Przebieg szkolenia w Altkom Akademii

The course of training at Altkom Academy

Quality standards

Our coaches’ competences and continuous development of teaching methods let us assure our Customers of the effectiveness of the training courses we organize.

• Teaching methods

We emphasize both diversity and validity of our offer as well as personalization of the learning process. Our training methods take into account the practical importance of the acquired knowledge, developing skills and interactive character of the courses. Our coaches make use of numerous techniques such as workshops, lectures, case studies, discussions, and brain storms.

• Our Coaches

Our instructors’ line-up is made up of 300 coaches, active in their jobs, with expert and certified knowledge. Not only do they have reliable specialist experience, but they also have personal predispositions to teach adults. We provide them with continuous development opportunities, inspiring work environment, as well as supervision and support in solving problems and improving skills.

• Training effectiveness guarantee

The training effectiveness guarantee includes Training Assurance ensuring protection of our Customers’ investment, making it possible for any participant to repeat the training without giving any reason, and Supervision consisting in the Customer’s employees’ participation in any training with a view to checking its quality.

Organizational Standards

Clearly defined principles of partnership relation, together with supporting tools

We offer special terms and conditions of cooperation to Customers for whom Altkom Akademia is a preferred educational services provider. Such terms and conditions include access to professional training project support tools, and a set of training investment protection services dedicated to key Customers.

We provide our Customers with access to Management dashboard — a dedicated tool that supports HR departments in the implementation of training projects. This tool handles a number of logistic and organizational tasks at the stages of planning, implementation and summary of training projects, it automates repetitive activities and structures the entire process.