Consulting and Research

— our discussions concerning employee development begin with learning about the Customers' business needs. We offer educational solutions that best support their fulfillment.

Needs Analysis

Needs identification is a key element of every development process. It makes you aware of the organization’s goals and the competences of its employees, and it lets you adapt all the training-related activities to the challenges faced by the organization.

Competency Diagnosis

It lets you check the development level your employees are currently at, making it possible to draw up development paths which, once completed, will help them achieve the set goals.

Our competence diagnosis is based on tools such as: Development Centre, business and proprietary simulations, HR Fitter standardized tests analyzing competences, predispositions, and work values.


Our assessment begins with designing training courses. It runs at four levels of the Kirkpatrick’s Model (participants’ reaction, knowledge and skills, attitudes and motivation, change of habits). The assessment results are subjected to an analysis revealing modifications which could be noticed due to the impact of development activities.