Altkom Akademia trainings

Altkom Akademia organizes ISTQB certification exams as part of continuous cooperation with the GASQ accreditation organization, which guarantees the authenticity of granted certificates.

The exams are conducted in digital form at Altkom Akademia. The exam is a single or multiple choice test, depending on the certification level. The duration of the exam and the number of questions depend on the rules set by ISTQB for the relevant certification.

The exam is conducted in Polish or another selected language available in GASQ. If you wish to take the exam in a language other than Polish, please notify us when ordering the exam. In the event of taking the exam in a language that is not the mother tongue of the exam participant, it is possible to extend the exam session as envisaged by GASQ. If you wish to extend the exam session, please notify us when ordering the exam.

Usually, the ISTQB foundation level exam is conducted immediately after the training course, whereas in the case of advanced certifications the exam is organized at a later date. It is recommended to take the exam within two weeks after the training course.

The exam participant is informed about the exam result immediately after completing the exam session via the GASQ examination platform. The official certificate is sent individually by the GASQ accreditation organization within approximately 6 weeks after passing the exam.

For more information regarding the ISTQB accredited training courses and exams, please contact the Sales Departments of the respective training courses or the Altkom Akademia's hotline.