An update from 10th of April 2020

Certification exam is also provided online. The exam is conducted on the platform offered by GASQ, and the steps are very simple:

  • After receiving log in,  you have to open an account and choose the date which is convienent for you.
  • Before taking the exam, you have to show your identification document in front of the camera.
  • Everything has been clearly explained in the guide prepared by GASQ.

As part of a long-term cooperation with GASQ, Altkom Akademia enables preparation for - and passing a certification exam in the area of requirements engineering. The subject matter scope and materials regarding a proper preparation for the exam at particular levels are delivered by the organisation called  International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB).

There are appropriate trainings and exams available at two levels: basic and advanced.

Currently, the basic level includes one certificate called Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering Foundation Level (CPRE FL). Although there are no preliminary requirements, we suggest nonetheless to make use of subject matter training IREB CPRE FL which simplifies preparation and passing the exam. Multiple choice questions, which are 45 in total, should be answered by examinee on the computer within 75 minutes. To pass the exam you have to obtain 70% of all points. Each question has a specific number of points and number of expected right answers. After finishing the exam the participants can view his/her result immediately. You may pass the exam in English or in Polish language.

By passing the exam in English, you may choose the exam according to syllabus 2.2 or syllabus 3.0 (attention! there are significant differences between them) until 31st of March 2021. From 1st of April 2021 onwards the exam in version 3.0. will come into effect. If English is not a native language for the examinee, the time of writing an exam might be prolonged up to 90 minutes.

For now, examinees are obliged to take the exam in syllabus version 2.2. After sharing the Polish version of preparatory materials, there will be a 6 month transition period, when you may pass the exam in both versions. Later the only binding version will be syllabus 3.0.

At advanced level, Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering Advanced Level (CPRE AL) there are four specialisations available to choose from:

  • Requirements Elicitation
  • Requirements Modeling
  • Requirements Management
  • RE@Agile.

The preliminary requirements to take an exam at this level is having IREB CPRE FL or Requirements Engineering of the British Computer Society (BCS) certificate. Each exam on advanced level consists of two parts. First part, when you answer multiple choice questions (24 questions in English language during 90 minutes), and second part, when you have to write an elaboration in English language and send it for evaluation by IREB. The elaboration must be sent within 1 year at the latest since passing the first part of the exam. The examinee receives a thorough guidelines concerning the form of elaboration after passing the first part of the exam. The candidate selects a random topic, based on his real experience from the projects which he or she took part in. Obtaining a certificate at this level depends on the evaluation of the elaboration.

Altkom Akademia conducts trainings which prepare a candidate to pass the first part of the exam. As for trainings and exams accredited by IREB you have to contact Altkom Akademia’s Training Sales Departments or helpline.