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As part of the long-term cooperation with GASQ, Altkom Akademia helps to prepare for and pass the certification exam in the field of requirements engineering. The substantive scope and materials for adequate preparation for the respective exam levels are provided by the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) organization.

Proper training courses and exams are available at two levels: foundation and advanced.

The foundation level currently includes one certificate called Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering Foundation Level (CPRE FL). Although there are no prerequisites, we suggest joining the IREB CPRE FL training course that prepares for this exam. The exam is computer-based and there are 46 multiple-choice questions in Polish or another available language selected by the participant. The exam lasts 75 minutes. Getting 70% points is required to pass the exam. The participant sees the result immediately after finishing the exam.

The advanced level has two available specialties.

It is possible to obtain the CPRE Advanced Level Requirements Elicitation and Consolidation (E&C) or CPRE Advanced Level Requirements Modeling.

The prerequisite to take the exam at this level is to have the IREB CPRE FL certificate or the Requirements Engineering of the British Computer Society certificate. Each advanced level exam has two parts The first part consists of multiple choice questions (24 questions in English to be answered within 90 minutes). The second part consists in writing a research paper in English and sending it for assessment at IREB. The research paper must be sent no later than one year after passing the first part. The participant will also receive guidelines regarding the form of the research paper. The candidate decides on the subject matter of the research paper based on the actual experience gained during the attended projects. Obtaining a certificate at this level depends on how the research paper was marked. Altkom Akademia conducts training courses that prepare participants to pass the first part in both the Requirements Elicitation and Consolidation as well as Requirements Modeling specialties.

For more information regarding the IREB accredited training courses and exams, please contact the Sales Departments of the respective training courses or the Altkom Akademia's hotline.

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