1. Whenever a candidate is discussed in rules and regulations above, he shall be understood as a person who registered for Pearson VUE/ Certiport examination.
  2. The procedure of registering for examination should start with mail agreement on the date of session with examination Administrator in selected Company Center, no later than 3 working days before scheduled examination date.
  3. Data concerning Company Centers and contacts to examination Administrators are available at  www.altkomakademia.pl/egzaminy/zapisy/administratorzy. People who would like to register on-line, directly via VUE website, do not have to contact examination Administrator.
  4. Having done preliminary mail reservation, you should print out Registration Chart for the exam. Once it is completed and signed, you should send scanned document via fax or email to examination Administrator at selected Company Center.
    Register Chart should contain personal data of examinee or tax remitter together with Tax Identification Number, as well as necessary contact details which shall constitute the basis for issuing an invoice. Should there be any questions, please contact examination Administrator at selected Company Center.
  5. By signing Register Chart, Applicant agrees to placing and processing personal data included in Register Chart by  Altkom Akademia S.A. according to  European and Parliament Council Regulation (UE) 2016/679  from 27th of April 2016 concerning natural persons protection due to processing personal data and free movement of such data, as well as the Act on Rendering electronic Services from 18th of July 2002 (consolidated text from  15th of November 2013  Journal of Laws  2013, item 1422) for purposes related to providing the service. In case of indicating in Register Chart personal data of course participants different than Applicant, Applicant shall be obliged to obtain the participants’ consent for placing and administering their personal data by Altkom Akademia S.A. in the area indicated above.
  6. Not taking an exam or changing examination date cannot be done within less than 3 working days before scheduled date, unless examination provider decides otherwise. After this time, changing the date is impossible, while payment issued/Altkom Akademia’s voucher shall be credited towards registered examination.
    Candidate’s sudden illness is an exception. In such case candidate is obliged to provide medical certificate within 2 working days from scheduled examination date. After this time, payment issued/Altkom Akademia’s voucher shall be credited towards registered examination.
  7. Examinations shall be conducted in a form of computer test. Each examinee shall have separate computerized station.
  8. A person who takes an exam is obliged to arrive at least 15 minutes before start of an exam in order to complete formalities. Coming late over 15 minutes shall be considered as unexcused absence. Client loses an opportunity to take an exam in scheduled date and shall bear examination costs, unless examination Administrator decides otherwise.
  9. A person who takes an exam is obliged to provide 2 proofs of identity including owner’s handwritten signature. At least one document should contain valid photograph of examinee. Incomplete documents make it impossible to take an exam.
  10. It is forbidden to bring dictionaries, laptops, programmed calculators, mobile phones or other study aids to examination room (unless software producer’s detailed terms and conditions provide otherwise). Each person, who takes an exam, is given special boards and markers to make notes during an exam, by examination Administrator, which are to be returned to Administrator once an exam has ended - it is a condition of issuing an examination result.
  11. An absolute silence must be maintained during an exam, any communication between people taking an exam is forbidden.
  12. If a person, who takes an exam, does not obey the rules, examination Administrator has the right to intervene. Not following Administrator’s orders shall result in interrupting an exam.
  13. Examination payment, together with administration fee for session, are to be settled before examination via banking transfer to Altkom Akademia’s account based on issued invoice or with Altkom voucher.
  14. Once an exam has ended, each examinee shall be provided with a result obtained during an exam, unless terms and conditions of taking an exam state otherwise. Printout does not confirm obtaining a certificate.
  15. Exam results are shall automatically be sent to certification company.
  16. Each exam can be taken repeatedly, on conditions specified by a producer of particular software. Each following exam requires separate registration and payments.
  17. The confirmation of obtaining certificate shall be sent within the date scheduled by authorizing company, after the positive completion of examination path. If not, you should directly address authorizing company. Exam organizer, namely Altkom, does not intermediate in providing certificate.

Dated as of 1st of May 2017, cancelling Microsoft exam or postponing it to another date, can be done within at least 6 working days before scheduled examination date. If Microsoft examination date is cancelled or postponed within 5 working days from registered examination date, penalty fee totalling 12,5$ shall be applied.