Altkom Akademia trainings

Development Projects

We are equipped with necessary resources, knowledge and experience to implement even the most demanding educational projects

The course of the project

Educational development projects are precisely planned and comprehensively implemented training projects based on 3 stages

Identification of training needs

Identification of training needs

Tools and methods we use for this purpose include surveys, knowledge tests, direct and focused interviews, practical tasks, case studies, and analysis of materials provided by companies.

Educational Process Planning

Educational Process Planning

We use job descriptions and competence profiles to diagnose the professional potential of an organization, and we adjust development paths to its specific character and organizational culture.

Results evaluation

Results evaluation

We study the effectiveness of training processes (agenda, coach’s work, organization), the increment of knowledge and skills acquired during the courses (tests), and the extent of use of the training content in practice (special questionnaires).

Dedicated projects

Our dedicated projects are carefully designed training and development path programs. Their aim is to build competences required in a given role in a specific sector or industry

A proposal for HR departments of companies having trouble recruiting staff with desired skills. It is based on intensive education provided to the people selected for project execution, within the scope of competences required in the role the employer wants to assign. The program lets you precisely plan and shorten the recruitment process, making sure you will hire the best candidates.

Shared Services Center

Shared Services Centers — our offer for the BPO/SSC sector which includes training and workshops preparing employees for professional management of finance and accounting processes (CIMA paths), as well as HR processes in international environments.