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SPA Web application with Vue framework

training code: VUE / ENG DL 3d / EN

level Intermediate

For more information, please contact the sales department. For more information, please contact the sales department.
3,500.00 PLN 4,305.00 PLN with TAX

The training is intended for the people who would like to learn how to develop web applications in SPA architecture on the basis of Vue framework.

  • Practical working skills with Vue framework.
  • Understanding SPA architecture.
  • Updating the knowledge about JavaScript language to ES6+ version.
  • Successful use of compilator, linter and builder on Node.js platform.
  • Basic knowledge from the use of libraries to write unit tests.

Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript on basic level.

  • Training: English
  1. Node.js platform
    • Characteristics and architecture
    • Package management
  2. JavaScript ES.Next
    • news / syntactic sugar
    • useful structures in daily work with Vue 
  3. Vue architecture
    • Options and Composition API
    • Vue implementation in existing project
    • Single-File Components and Single Page Application building
    • Standards of communication with back-end system
  4. Vue + Reactivity API
    • Vue project scaffold, Vite
    • Working with components, component state and events
    • Using life-cycle methods
    • Defining templates, dynamic CSS styles manipulation
    • Communication between components, parent-child relation
    • Forms handling
    • Routing, navigations between components
    • Creating and using directives
    • Using plugins
    • DOM and state Animations
    • Communication with back-end API – AJAX requests
    • Global state – introduction to Pinia
  5. Testing – introduction
    • Test structure, test implementation
    • Testing components