Show training

Persuasive public appearances and presentations

training code: HR-PW-P / Prezentac2_ENG / EN

level Basic

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2,100.00 PLN 2,583.00 PLN with TAX

Improving presentation skills and coping with stress during public speaking.

  • Is able to consciously increase the impact on the substantive and emotional level while conducting business me
  • Knows how to increase the level of understanding and remembrance of your message by listeners.
  • Has the tools to effectively and reliably deal with difficult situations during meetings.
  • Effectively overcomes reservations, objections and deals with counter-arguments.
  • Can create legible and attractive visual aids.

The training does not require any prior preparation.

  • Training: English
  • Materials: English

The stages of presentation creation

    o Key elements for each of the stages – planning, preparation and conducting presentations.

    o Creating positive and supportive assumptions.

    o Actor on stage or lecturer in the auditorium – how the choice of a role influences the effectiveness of presentation and self-confidence.


Tools for a good meeting structure using the presentation

    o Learn to compose a meeting / presentation according to a dramaturgical scenario.

    o Learn to present ideas, solutions, products according to the 4P model.

    o Introduce the 3P principle and the principle of culmination.

    o Learn how to use the Argument Pyramid model.


How to engage the hearts and minds of the participants

    o Learn to create and apply metaphors during conversations and presentations.

    o Explain how well metaphors and analogies can affect interpreter / listener.

    o Learn to create and apply symbols and visualizations.


Body service, that is what a person in front of the audience has at their disposal

    o Learn to breathe correctly.

    o Show how to practice to emit correctly voice. Be aware of the risk of improper emission.

    o Practice your pronunciation and equip each participant with a set of exercises to work on pronunciation.

    o Introduce issues of voice influence: intonation, modulation and interpretation.


How to deal with difficult situations

    o Equip with techniques to deal with difficult situations during meetings / speeches / presentations.


Solos – working with a camera

    o Summary of knowledge gained during the workshop.

    o Record individual speeches.

    o Provide feedback.

    o Specify further steps in individual development plans.


Summary of the workshop.

    o Summarize the translations of well and poorly prepared presentations.

    o Developing the pillars of a professional presentation.

    o Developing plans for implementing new knowledge and methods at the workplace.

    o Developing individual "vaccines" and "rituals" to support change.