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Create and Manage Automated Processes by using Power Automate

training code: PL-7002 / ENG DL 1d / EN

level Basic

For more information, please contact the sales department. For more information, please contact the sales department.
1,300.00 PLN 1,599.00 PLN with TAX

The training objective is to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to create Power Automate cloud flows efficiently, enabling them to automate business processes effectively.

Completing training offers several valuable benefits for both employees and employers.

By completing this training, you will enhance your ability to create triggers, configure notifications, implement conditional logic, manage approvals, and handle owners and sharing in Power Automate cloud flows.

This will benefit both you and your company as you will become more proficient in automating business processes, improving efficiency, and driving innovation in your organization.

  • Basic data modeling, user experience design, requirements analysis, and process analysis skills.
  • A personal growth mindset and are comfortable using technology to solve business problems.
  • An understanding of the operational need and have a vision of the desired outcome. They approach problems with phased and iterative strategies.
  • Szkolenie: English
  • Materiały: English

Training method:

Theory, demo, exercises

  1. Get started with Power Automate
  2. Get started with Microsoft Dataverse
  3. Build approval flows with Power Automate
  4. Build flows to manage user information
  5.  Power Automate’s deep integration across multiple data source