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Programming basics in JavaScript

training code: JS / ENG DL 3d / EN

level Basic

For more information, please contact the sales department. For more information, please contact the sales department.
3,500.00 PLN 4,305.00 PLN with TAX

The training is intended for the people who are inexperienced in programming, and would like to acquire skills in developing dynamic websites.

An ability to practically use the language in web applications. The knowledge of good practices of organising the code in the project. Being acquainted with the techniques of communicating with server using AJAX. An ability to use Node platform in terms of project dependencies and Babel compilator providing code compability with popular Internet browser’s and ESLint library in order to improve the quality of the code.

Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

  • Training: English
  1. JavaScript language characteristics:
    • architecture and ES6+ standard
    • capabilities and use cases.
  2. Developer tools on Node.js platform:
    • configuring and using Babel compilator
    • configuring and using ESLint library, statistical code analysis.
  3. Basic data types, operators, scope and variables usage.
  4. Defining and using functions:
    • named functions
    • anonymous functions, code blocks, callbacks.
  5. Defining and using objects.
  6. Working with control statements:
    • conditions, loops, exceptions and error handling.
  7. Collections usage:
    • arrays, maps, sets.
  8. Embedding JS code in HTML files:
    • event handling
    • dynamic modification of HTML website structure, DOM tree.
  9. Communicating with server, AJAX, serialisation to JSON.
  10. Cookies management.
  11. Managing local data cache, LocalStorage.
  12. Using external libraries – JQuery example, introduction.