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Artificial intelligence in my company

training code: AI_FIRMA / ENG DL 2d / EN

„The Artificial Intelligence in my company” course is a training programme which aims to help understand and successfully use artificial intelligence technology in terms of organization. At the training participants will have an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills concerning the use of artificial intelligence in various spheres of company’s activity such as data processing, process automation, product and service development, as well as personalized interactions with Clients.

The main goal of 'AI in my company’ course is strengthening the awareness of participants in terms of the potential of artificial intelligence and enabling them to acquire tools and techniques necessary which will contribute to successful implementation of the technology in their organisation. Practice covers both theoretical aspects concerning artificial intelligence such as solution ethics, security and legal aspects, as well as practical exercises, case studies and discussing best practices concerning AI implementation in the company.

The training may be especially valuable for management staff, IT specialists, data analysts and all employees interested in using the potential of artificial intelligence at their work. Thanks to that course participants will be able to perfectly understand benefits from AI, which will contribute to company’s competitiveness.

level Basic

For more information, please contact the sales department. For more information, please contact the sales department.

The training is focused on executives and managers who supervise and coordinate processes in company. A person who aspires to be manager or executive might participate as well.


  • Introducing new perspectives: Practice will enable company to employ artificial intelligence to its activity which may open new opportunities for development and innovative solutions.
  • Improving performance and achieving better results: Thanks to the training organisation will be able to use the potential of artificial intelligence to increase the effectiveness of its actions. Automating routine tasks, data analysis and the use of advanced algorithms will enable resource allocation, making more accurate decisions and achieving better business results.
  • Mastering Customer Service and personalisation: Artificial intelligence will enable better understanding of Clients’ needs and delivering more personalized solutions. The use of AI technology in Customer Service, recommending products or personalised communication will allow to increase Clients’ satisfaction and establishing stronger bonds.
  • Successful information: Practice will enable organisation to use gathered data more effectively. Employees will be able to analyse and interpret data by using artificial intelligence tools. This in turn will contribute to better knowledge about the market, trends, Clients’ preferences and making more accurate decisions.
  • Increasing innovativeness and adaptability to changes: Access to knowledge and skills from artificial intelligence will enable company to be more creative and flexible. It will be easier to adapt to changes on the market and react more quickly to new opportunities, as well as challenges. The practice will contribute to develop the culture of innovativeness and flexibility in organisation.



  • Developing professional skills: The course will enable employees to expand his skills related to the use of artificial intelligence. He will gain new knowledge and practical skills valuable both in his present role and future career.
  • Being more attractive on the job market: Knowledge and skills from artificial intelligence will make employees more attractive on the job market. Currently more and more companies seek specialists in this area. That is why such valuable a know-how may create new business opportunities.
  • More effective work with tools and technology: The training will enable employees to understand and use better artificial intelligence tools and technologies. He will be able to make use of available solutions more effectively, analyse data, draw conclusions, and make more accurate decisions.
  • Increasing performance and productivity: Thanks to AI skills gained employees will be able to automate routine tasks, optimise processes and use available resources more effectively which will contribute to increased work performance and achieving better results in shorter time.

Mutual benefits

  • Increased company’s competitiveness
  • Increased value of employees
  • Increased effectiveness and achieving vividly better results
  • Significant Customer Service improvement

Creating innovative organisational culture

There are no prerequisites concerning expert knowledge

  • Training: English
  1. Introduction to generating content with Artificial Intelligence:
    • Defining and using AI to generate content.
    • Benefits from using AI to create materials.
  2. Generating texts with AI:
    • Discussing text generation techniques such as ChatGPT, GPT-3 and other.
    • Practical pieces of advice concerning the use of AI tools to create random text materials
  3. Generating videos with AI:
    • Examples of AI tools to generate videos such as animations, automatic video editing and dubbing.
    • Guidelines as for creating attractive video content with AI tools.
  4. · Generating graphics and animations with AI:
    • Discussing tools and techniques of generating graphics  and animations with AI.
    • Examples of practical appliances of generating graphics and animations.
  5. Personalising and adapting generated content:
    • Introduction to text personalisation with AI, such as adjusting content to Client’s individual needs and preferences.
  6. Ethics and challenges related to generating content with AI:
    • Discussing ethical issues concerning the use of AI to generate materials
    • Identifying potential challenges such as quality of generated content, prejudice, or lack of creativity.
  7. Strategy of implementing AI in organisation:
    • Discussing key steps and processes related to AI implementation in organisation.
    • AI strategy with consideration of business goals, resources, budget, and schedule.
    • Change management in organisation in terms of implementing artificial intelligence.
  8. Data analysis and machine learning:
    • Introduction to data analysis and machine learning as fundamental AI elements.
    • Discussing various techniques of data analysis and machine learning such as classification, regression, grouping and neuron networks.
    • Examples of practical uses of data analysis and machine learning in business.
  9. Security and data protection in terms of AI:
    • Discussing issues related to data security, privacy, and data protection in terms of using AI.
    • Identifying and managing risk related to AI.
    • Practical guidelines related to monitoring and assessing AI systems’ efficiency.
  10. The future of AI and development trends:
    • Discussing latest trends and innovations in artificial intelligence.
    • Discussing potential changes and challenges which may influence the future of AI in business.
    • Inspiring participants to strategic and creative thinking about AI in organisation.

As part of the training participants will gain knowledge of artificial intelligence, receive practical guidelines related to choosing and implementing AI tools, as well as understand ethical and legal aspects concerning the use of AI in business.