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Adobe In Design – documents for publishing

training code: IND_01 / ENG AA 3d / EN

level Basic

For more information, please contact the sales department. For more information, please contact the sales department.
1,700.00 PLN 2,091.00 PLN with TAX

The training was designed for people who want to learn using Adobe InDesign from scratch, but also learn about important issues regarding the composition of the publication. The course is intended both for people who design for external recipients (e.g. leaflets, business cards) and employees of companies preparing internal materials (e.g. catalogs, newsletters). Adobe InDesign offers a lot of possibilities and tools, which is why it is not the easiest in terms of use. Thanks to our training, you will learn the most important features of this program. If you are a beginner or self-taught, work in the marketing department or need to submit corporate publications – this training is for you.

  • You will learn about the most important elements of the Adobe InDesign interface
  • You will learn good practices regarding the composition of publications and dealing with typography
  • Thanks to the training you will understand the professional vocabulary, such as: glyph, kerning, marquee, bleed and registration marks.
  • You will save money spent on hiring a graphics agency
  • You will learn to embed images in content and manage linked objects
  • You will appreciate the usefulness of master pages and layers
  • You will save time spent on submitting projects
  • You will learn how to import content from Word documents
  • You will be able to assemble all kinds of advertising materials, leaflets, brochures and even books
  • You will discover unlimited possibilities of working with styles

Have good knowledge of the Windows environment.

język angielski

  1. Creating new document
    1. Publication size
    2. Margins, columns, bleed
  2. Managing document pages
    1. Master pages
    2. Header and footer
    3. Page numbering
  3. Working with text
    1. Work with long texts, connecting frames
    2. Managing text threads
    3. Importing external content
    4. Formatting
  4. Creating and using text styles
    1. Using styles to create a coherent publication
    2. Formatting inheritance with text and paragraph styles
    3. Creating indexes based on paragraph styles
    4. Tables of contents
  5. Creating graphics
    1. Tools
    2. Vector paths
    3. Modifying
    4. Selection, grouping
  6. Inserting Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator content within the document
    1. Embedding and linking objects
    2. Text wrap
    3. Editing shape envelopes
    4. Managing objects across entire publication
  7. Saving for printing and Internet