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Adobe Illustrator – Graphic design for DTP and WWW

training code: AIL_01 / ENG AA 2d / EN

level Basic

For more information, please contact the sales department. For more information, please contact the sales department.
1,450.00 PLN 1,783.50 PLN with TAX

It is a course designed for graphic designers, photographers, illustrators and people starting their work with Adobe Illustrator. It will also be a great solution for people who are already working with the program, but are looking for solid foundations and opportunities to expand their competences. Thanks to our training, you will learn about the most important possibilities of this program. If you are a beginner or self-taught, you want to become a graphic designer or webmaster, work in the marketing department or you need to prepare graphic elements for company presentations, modify the appearance of illustrations created by other graphic designers and create collages, infographics and banners for websites – this training is for you.

  • You will learn about the most important elements of the Adobe Illustrator interface
  • You will learn good practices regarding graphic works
  • You will save money spent on hiring a graphics agency
  • You will learn to use the most important tools in Adobe Illustrator: shapes, Bézier curve, brushes, palettes
  • Thanks to the training you will understand the professional vocabulary
  • You will see how to apply layers
  • You will learn how to add text to graphic designs
  • You will learn how to export graphic files to popular formats
  • You will learn how to personalize program settings and adapt to specific tasks

Have good knowledge of the Windows environment.

język angielski

  1. Illustrator Workspace
    1. Setting up and creating new project
    2. Workspaces (pages)
  2. Drawing tools
    1. Elipse, Rectangle, Star, Polygon
    2. Lines
    3. Brushes
  3. Creating and transforming paths
    1. Creating vector paths
    2. Editing paths
    3. Combining and splitting paths
  4. Shape properties
    1. Stroke and fill
    2. Color and samples palette
    3. Gradients
  5. Layers
    1. Layer properties
    2. Managind order and properties of shapes
    3. Grouping shapes
  6. Introduction to special effects
    1. 3D Effects
    2. Shadow, Glow, Blur
  7. Text
    1. Text formatting
    2. Converting text into shapes
  8. Saving for printing and Internet