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Management 3.0 Foundation

training code: HR-MZ-W / M3.0_ENG_DL / EN
Management 3.0 is an accredited online training course for an innovative approach to management and leadership in an organization.

The training includes the knowledge and practices of a modern management, leadership, the theory of complexity and system thinking, motivation, introduction to the theory of change, transforming organisation, change management, communication. It presents techniques of team management, which are compliant with Agile approach. It allows to effectively build organisations, achieve goalsand improve the effectiveness.


mode Distance Learning

level Basic

duration 2 days |  14h|  24.10 25.10
2,300.00 PLN + 23% VAT (2,829.00 PLN with TAX)
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The training is intended for team leaders, change managers, managers, CEOs, HR directors and managers, Project Managers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, agile developers, team members, Agile Coaches, employees of creative industry, development managers. To everyone who is interested in agile management, Increasing employees’ involvement and modern leadership. To everybody who would like to improve their work.

The training presents knowledge and practices of a modern management and leadership which include a theory of complexity and system thinking, motivation, change Introduction, transformation of organisation, change management, communication. It shows techniques of team management which comply with Agile approach. Thanks to that, it allows to build organisations which are able to implement agile approach and improve effectiveness of action.

We suggest participating in this subject training to the people who have basic knowledge or experience in management

  • Training: English
  • Materials: English

1. Presenting the agenda and working methods by the trainer.

  • Introduction to the topic of workshops, building trust, understanding and a team openness.
  • An introduction between participants and a trainer.
  • Contact with a group.

2. Management and leadership

  • When to lead and when to manage?
  • How to define goals in a clear way and manage the teams? A review of methodologies and most common challenges in implementing an agile approach in company.
  • Codex of good practices in implementing agile approach to management

3. Management 3.0 principles

  • How does Management 3.0 differ from 1.0 and 2.0 version?
  • Motivate people
  • Validate teams
  • Adjust limitations
  • Develop competencies
  • Develop the structure
  • Improve everything

4. Theory of complex systems

  • Differences between complexity and complicatedness.
  • How to deal with complexity, acquaintance with criteria of complexity.

5. Motivation and involvement

  • Types of motiviation.
  • Tools and techniques of studying and strengthening motivation
  • How to inroduce motivators to organisational system?

6. Delegating and validating

  • Self-organisation
  • Building trust
  • Levels of delegation
  • Building an attitude of responsiblity
  • Building and strengthening the value

7. Remote teams

  • Advantages of remote work
  • How to deal with a feeling of loneliness during remote work
  • Jak How to conduct hybrid meetings?
  • Working out loud (WOL) technique

8. Better Feedback

  • Feedback tools
  • KUDO cards as a tool of positive feedback

9. Success and failure

  • How to make use of failures in development process
  • Success as a result of organisational change
  • Four dimensions of change management
  • Tools for retrospective

10. Summary

  • Summary of workshops