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Enterprise Linux Administration Fast Track

training code: ELA030 / ENG DL 5d / EN
It’s a five day, intensive author's training which teaches the necessary skills to work in  command line environment and do basic system administration. The training might also be used as a preparation for a RHCSA certification exam for system administrators by Red Hat (EX200).

The training is based on new versions of CentOS Linux distributions, and the whole knowledge passed on the training might also be used on other Linux distributions used in corporate environments.

level Basic

For more information, please contact the sales department. For more information, please contact the sales department.
5,000.00 PLN 6,150.00 PLN with TAX

The training is intended for operational system administrators who have some knowledge and experience with Linux systems. The training might also be used for refreshing the knowledge and to prepare for certification exam for Linux system administrators.

  • The training allows the participant to quickly acquire skills necessary to work independently in command line environment in Linux/Unix systems
  • The participants get practical skills for administering network, block devices  and basic system services
  • The participant is both familiarized with configuration and diagnostics, as well as and solving problems with server configuration, acquires skills necessary at independent work
  • The course is a quick preparation for RHCSA certification exam


At least half a year of working in Linux system. Basic skills of navigating through command line.

  • Training: English
  • Materials: English
  • 5 days of work with a trainer
  • Trainer’s supervision
  • Contact with community
  • Coursebook
  • Lab environment

Training method

  • lecture
  • workshops
  1. Use different command line interfaces
  2. Generic commands for file-system administration
  3. Using man pages and build-in documentation
  4. Unix tools for working with text files
  5. Working in VIM basics
  6. Bash output redirection  and exit codes
  7. Changing permission and ownership of files
  8. How to use "find" utility (including actions)
  9. Unix process administration
  10. RPM packages administration with RPM and YUM
  11. Package modules in EL
  12. SELinux basics
  13. Systemd services administration
  14. Systemd targets
  15. Boot process and boot troubleshoot
  16. Local users and groups administration
  17. Rsyslog daemon administration
  18. Cron daemon administration
  19. Use Libvirt and Cockpit with KVM
  20. Manual and kickstart installations
  21. Review LAB
  22. Network diagnostics
  23. Network administration with Network Manager
  24. Network administration without Network Manager
  25. Filesystem objects and hierarchy
  26. Advanced Permissions – special bits
  27. Access Control Lists on filesystem
  28. Block devices administration
  29. Linux LVM
  30. Linux Software RAID 
  31. Local storage management with Stratis
  32. Open LDAP integration
  33. Free IPA integration
  34. Mounting NFS 3 and NFS 4 shares
  35. Mounting CIFS shares
  36. Automounter
  37. NTP
  38. SSH
  39. Coping files with scp and rsync
  40. Basic firewall operations
  41. Basic containers  concepts and tools in EL
  42. Review LAB