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Effective Help Desk - Key Competences Training

training code: HR-IT-Efekt+HD / EfektywnyHD_ENG / EN

mode Distance Learning

level Basic

duration 2 days |  14h|  21.10 22.10
1,950.00 PLN + 23% VAT (2,398.50 PLN with TAX)
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1,950.00 PLN
1,950.00 PLN 2,398.50 PLN with TAX

The training is dedicated to support teams and help desk staff

Benefits resulting from completing the training:

    • Knowledge of the quantitative and qualitative Help Desk performance indicators

    • Ability to build a professional image of the Help Desk department

    • Knowledge of the most important mechanisms / elements of effective communication

    • Ability to effectively communicate during F2F and telephone conversations

    • The ability to adapt to the customer and build a good contact

    • Knowledge of techniques to help avoid misunderstandings and the ability to use them in practice

    • Ability to communicate effectively and professionally using electronic media

    • The ability to use customer needs  analysis techniques in practice

    • Ability to deal with difficult situations when working with clients

The training does not require any prior preparation.

  • Training: English
  • Materials: English
  1. Module 1. What is an effective Help Desk?
    • The role and place of Help Desk in IT processes
    • Basics of ITIL philosophy
    • Help Desk organization
    • Performance measures
    • Help Desk as a key area for building a positive IT image in the organization
    • Key problems and challenges
  2. Module 2. Simulation game – introduction to the subject of communication in the Help Desk
    • Simulation game aimed at showing the most important elements of effective Help Desk  communication
    • Communication from the general to the detail and matching the language to the message sender level
    • Typology of communication styles – impact on effective communication
  3. Module 3. Effective communication of the Help Desk employee part 1
    • Positive attitude in the situation of user handling – customer service pillars
    • Model 4 P
    • Verbal and non-verbal communication – how to communicate effectively face to face and during a telephone conversation
    • Voice modulation as a telephone communication tool
  4. Module 4. Effective communication of the Help Desk employee part 2
    • The most common sources of confusion in communication with the Help Desk client
    • Skills to formulate understandable and precise statements
    • Ability to understand the statements of other people
    • Model of four levels of messages according to von Thun
  5. Module 5. Reaching the client's needs
    • Techniques for effective acquisition of information from clients
    • Open and closed questions – when to use them
    • Different types of questions – their effectiveness depending on the purpose of the conversation
    • Active listening – hearing versus listening
  6. Module 6. Difficult talks with clients
    • Assertive, it is how?
    • NVC approach – non-violent communication
    • 5 life jackets in communication with a difficult customer
    • Building assertive messages
    • Assertive refusal
    • Border protection
    • Coping with negative emotions – coping techniques