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DTMethod® (Design Thinking Methodology) – accredited training with exam

training code: ZP-FDTMen / ENG DL 3d / EN

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The Design Thinking method is currently considered one of the most effective methods for developing innovations by design teams - it teaches you to solve problems faster, cheaper and with greater commitment. The method works not only in designing product services, but also in optimizing internal processes in the organization.

level Basic

For more information, please contact the sales department. For more information, please contact the sales department.
2,400.00 PLN 2,952.00 PLN with TAX

Training audience:

  • managers and customer service specialists, employees of R&D, marketing, business development, sales, logistics, HR departments;
  • leaders and/or members of project teams responsible for optimizing processes in the company, implementing products, services and new brands;
  • people who are looking for proven methods to support business development and expand business models;
  • trainers, coaches and consultants who want to learn agile methods of working with clients;
  • managers and employees whose work largely depends on the ability to think innovatively; teams/project groups in the organization that require creativity and are looking for inspiration
  • understanding the flow of the DTMethod process: understanding the DTModel and the ability to use DTMetools tailored to each phase of the DTModel,
  • learning the tools used in DTMethod (DTTools),
  • learning and understanding the roles necessary to carry out DTMethod,
  • enabling you to become a conscious DTDesigner in the DTMethod process,
  • understanding the principles (DTRules) influencing the effectiveness of Design Thinking processes,
  • understanding the differences between online and stationary DTMethod processes.

In case of on-premises trainings the exam takes place at the end of the training in a written form. 

In case of Distance Learning trainings, the exam takes place at the end of the training in an electronic form.

No special preparation of the students is required.

  • Training: English
  • Materials: English
  • Exam: English
  • Accredited training materials
  • DTMethod Foundation exam

Authorized handbook is not included in standard materials, you may purchase it in English language version.

DTMethod Foundation exam:

  • Exam duration 40 minutes
  • Single-choice test
  • To pass the exam you have to obtain 65%, that is at least 33 points
  • No handbooks and training materials are allowed during an exam.

DAY 1:

  • Start
  • What is Design Thinking?
  • DTMethod – overview
    • DTMethod model
    • Team roles and structure
    • Main tools used in the method
    • Scenario selection – let the game begin!!

Day 2:

  • DTModel: exploratory phase, i.e. problem definition
    • Stakeholder analysis using Desk Research and market research
    • Creating needs using user stories and matrix of needs
  • DTModel: creative phase, i.e. solution concept
    • Solution exploration – method 635 and categorization of ideas
    • Prioritization of solutions – RIG matrices, NOW/How/WoW method

DAY 3:

  • DTModel: construction phase, i.e. solution design
    • Creating product hypotheses – build/break/repair
    • Prototyping and testing – feedback matrix and alpha-gamma testing
  • DTMethod in stationary and remote versions
  • Adapting DTMethod to the organization's activities
  • DTMethod summary