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Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

training code: AZ-204 / ENG DL 5d / EN
Authorized training Microsoft Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure AZ-204 on-line course. This course is for developers.

level Basic

For more information, please contact the sales department. For more information, please contact the sales department.
4,900.00 PLN 6,027.00 PLN with TAX

The training is intended for:

  • developer
  • people interested in taking Microsoft Azure Developer Associate certification exam.

At the training developers are acquainted with mechanisms of architecting complex Solutions for Microsoft Azure. The participants will find out how to:

  • implement calculation solutions for Azure
  • create Azure functions
  • network application implementations and their management
  • architect solutions using Azure storage
  • implementing authentication and authorization, as well as securing your solutions using Azure KeyVault
  •  identity management .

The participants will also find out:

  • how to connect with Azure services and third party services, as well as how to make use of them.
  •  how to architect event-based or message-based solutions.

The training also consists of solutions related to monitoring and solving problems, as well as with optimizing Solutions for Azure.

Successful learners AZ-204 will have prior knowledge and understanding of:

  • Gaining knowledge
  • practical skills from applications development at Azure platform.

Including acquaintance with:

  • Azure App Service, how it works, implementing, configurating, scaling, securing
  • Azure Functions, how to develop and integrate triggers and connections
  • Blob object storage and how to store objects at different layers of access, as well as how to make use of data with Client’s library of Blob object storage
  • Database service NoSQL Azure Cosmos DB, how to develop and manage databases, how to control data cohesion, as well as how to use data with the combination of Azure portal and .NET SDK set
  • Designing virtual machines and containers, including architecting solutions with the use of ARM templates to automate resource implementation, as well as managing containers and publishing images in Azure Container Registry and activating them in Azure Container Instance
  • Using Microsoft Identity Platform v2.0 to manage authentication and access resources, including the use of Microsoft Authentication Library and Microsoft Graph to authenticate the user and download the information stored at Azure platform.
  • Securing information using Azure KeyVault (keys, secrets and certificates), the applications of which use them to access resources and secure the information about application’s configuration
  • Publishing API services in API Management service, creating the rules of managing information shared via API interface
  • Azure Logic Apps to automate and coordinate tasks, business processes, workflows, and service flows in companies or organizations
  • Developing applications with event-based architecture
  • Developing applications with message-based architecture
  • Code instrumentation for telemetry and the way of analyzing and solving problems with applications
  • Using various buffering services in order to improve the performance of your applications

On-line exam. Record at:




After the AZ-204 course, you can take Microsoft certification exams:an Authorized Test Center,online being monitored by an offsite proctor. Details on the website:

Each student should have 1-2 years of experience as a developer, it is recommended to have knowledge of working with Microsoft Azure.

It is also necessary to know one of the programming languages supported by Microsoft Azure.

An ability to use English materials

Pre-training: AA_10961, AZ-104

To increase the comfort of work and training’s effectiveness we suggest using an additional monitor. The lack of additional monitor does not exclude participation in the training, however, it significantly influences the comfort of work during classes.

  • Training: English
  • Materials: English


  1. Developing web applications in Azure App Service:

    • Basic terms of  usługi Azure App Service
    • Developing Web applications in Azure App Service
    • Configuring and monitoring App Service application
    • Scaling App Service application
    • Stage environments of Azure App Service
  2. Implementing Azure Function:

    • Discussing Azure platform functions
    • Programming functions
    • Implementing stable functions
  3. Designing Solutions using Blob object storage:

    • Basic terms of  Azure Blob Storage
    • Blob object life-cycle management
    • Working with Blob object storage
  4. Designing solutions using Cosmos DB storage:

    • Discussing Azure Cosmos DB service
    • Data structures in Azure Cosmos DB service
    • Working with Azure Cosmos DB resources and data
  5. Implementing IaaS solutions:

    • Delivering virtual machines in Azure
    • Creating and implementing ARM templates
    • Creating container images with solutions
    • Publishing images of a container in Azure Container Registry
    • Creating and activating container images in Azure Container Instance
  6. Implementing user’s authentication and authorization:

    • Microsoft Identity Platform v2.0
    • Authentication with the use of Microsoft Authentication Library
    • Using Microsoft Graph
    • Authorizing data operations in Azure Storage service
  7. Implementing secure solutions in cloud:

    • Managing licenses, secret entries with the use of Azure KeyVault API
    • Implementing identities manager for Azure platform resources
    • Securing configuration data of applications using Azure App Service configuration
  8. Architecting solutions using API Management service:

    • Discussing API Management
    • Defining the rules for API interfaces
    • Securing API interfaces
  9. Designing solutions using  Azure Logic Apps:

    • Discussing Azure Logic Apps
    • Developing one’s own connectors for Azure Logic Apps
  10. Architecting event-based solutions:

    • Implementing solutions using Azure Event Grid service
    • Implementing solutions using Azure Event Hub service
    • Implementing solutions using Notification Hub service
  11. Architecting message-based solutions:

    • Implementing solutions using Azure Service Bus service
    • Implementing solutions using Azure Queue Storage service’s queues
  12. Monitoring and optimizing solutions implemented in Azure:

    • Discussing supervision in Azure
    • Matching applications to supervision
    • Analyzing and solving problems with applications
    • Implementing the code servicing momentary errors
  13. Integration of buffering and delivering content as part of solutions:

    • Architecting solutions using Azure Cache for Redis
    • Architecting solutions using data storage on CDN