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Implementing and Managing Windows 11

training code: MS 55345 / ENG DL 4d / EN
Authorized training Target audience:
  • Administrator
  • HelpDesk
  • IT specialist

level Basic

For more information, please contact the sales department. For more information, please contact the sales department.
4,050.00 PLN 4,981.50 PLN with TAX

The training is addressed tp people responsible for handling and configuring PC computers with Windows 11 in enterprise environment.

The course aims to develop skills which cover learning how to install, adjust and update Windows 11 operational systems, including mass storage, file and device management, configuring network connectivity in Windows 11 system, securing Windows 11 operational system and data on device, as well as troubleshooting management in Windows 11.


The audience of the course are IT specialists who perform installation, configuration, general local management and Windows 11 fundamental services maintenance, as well as the people who prepare for work at the first line of technical support in enterprise environment.

MS 55345 has substituted withdrawn MS 20697-1 – Implementing and Managing Windows 10 training

MS 55345 is the equivalent of current MD-100 – Windows Client training

Gaining knowledge and practical skills from installing and configuring Windows 11 system.

This includes:

The process of installing and adjusting Windows 11 system

Configuring update for Windows system.

Configuring devices and drivers for Windows system.

Configuring warehouse for Windows.

Configuring network and remote management settings in Windows system.

Configuring browser and application, as well as managing in Windows system.

Configuring access to account and authorization.

Configuring authorizations to files and folders.

Methods of securing Windows 11 and typical threats and methods of limiting them.

Troubleshooting Windows 11.


  • Fundamental knowledge related to computer networks and hardware.
  • Knowledge of how operational systems and application work.
  • Experience in using Windows operational system.
  • An ability to use materials in English
  • Training: English
  • Materials: English
  • access to Altkom Akademia's student portal

Training method:

  • theory
  • demos
  • shared projects
  • individual laboratories
  • specify theory vs. practice quantity
  • 50% theory
  • 50% practice
  1. Introduction
  • Information about training
  • Training agenda
  • Laboratory environment
  1. Installing Windows 11
  • Introducing Windows 11
  • Installing Windows 11
  1. Updating and changing the version to Windows 11
  • Changing the version to Windows 11
  • Migrating user settings
  • Managing Windows 11 updates
  1. Configuring devices in Windows 11
  • Configuration devices in Windows 11
  • The use of Windows Admin Center
  • The use of Windows PowerShell
  • Implementing remote management
  1. Configuring network connections
  • Configuring network connections
  • Implementing name solution mechanism
  • Implementing remote access
  1. Mass storage management
  • Review of storage options
  • Managing local storage
  • Managing storages
  1. Managing network resources
  • Configuring and managing file access
  • Configuring and managing network resources
  • Implementing working folders
  • Manging printers
  1. Application management in Windows 11
  • Implementing applications
  • Access management in Microsoft Store
  • Configuring Microsoft Edge
  1. Implementing and managing security
  • User and group accounts’ management
  • Configuring user account control
  • Implementing BitLocker function
  • Implementing Windows 11 security functions
  • Security against network threats
  1. Monitoring Windows 11
  • Monitoring Windows 11 system
  • Optimising Windows 11 performance
  1. Troubleshooting Windows 11
  • Windows 11 launch management
  • Windows 11 Disaster Recovery
  • Device and driver management
  • Understanding the register
  • Recovering the files