We are pleased to introduce Altkom Akademia’s „the best of the best” instructors! We would like to thank our students for sucha a high assessment of their competencies and coaching workshop. For us it is a clear evidence of the fact that our work meets the requirements which you place on us. Following the assessment in surveys at the end of each course, our students would recommend – 9/10 Altkom Akademia’s instructors.

The group presented below are the outstanding instructors who understand the needs of our students best – the real Altkom Akademia’s top league of instructors!

Here are the best of the best:

  • Office application, analysis tools:

Tomasz Grabowski, Łukasz Cupryjak, Paweł Niemyt

  • Microsoft technologies:

Paweł Telbuch, Paweł Skrzypiec, Maciej Szymański

  • Personal and business competencies:

Małgorzata Świerkosz–Hołysz

  • Software engineering:

Piotr Furtak

  • Corporate technologies:

Adam Sokołowski, Artur Poczekalewicz

  • Project Management methodologies:

Szymon Urbanowicz, Witold Janicki, Jerzy Wittek