We are pleased to inform that on 23rd of June 2020 Tadeusz Alster, the Chairman of Altkom Akademia, and dr Konrad Janowski, the dean of The University of Humanities and Economics, signed a letter of intent, concerning a close cooperation of both institutions in Educational branch, raising technological and social competencies of present and future faculties of Polish business, as well as creating modern organisational standards.

First joint Educational project, namely Executive Master of Business Administration studies – IT project management, will start in October this year. We are glad with established partnership and encourage to observe further actions and participation in endeavours undertaken by Altkom Akademia and The University of Humanities and Economics in Warsaw.

The information about recruitment soon at  https://podyplomowe.vizja.pl/

Project coordinators:

Michał Chalimoniuk 📧 michal.chalimoniuk@altkom.pl ☎ 609 191 287 [Altkom Akademia]
MA Sławomir Jagieła, MBA 📧 s.jagiela@vizja.pl [The University of Humanities and Economics in Warsaw]