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Microsoft Power Platform App Maker

kod szkolenia: PL-100 / ENG DL 3d
Authorized Microsoft Power Platform App Maker PL-100  Distance Learning training.

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W celu uzyskania informacji skontaktuj się z działem handlowym. W celu uzyskania informacji skontaktuj się z działem handlowym.
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The aim of the training is to teach participants how to use the Microsoft Power Platform to create applications using low-code techniques, in order to simplify, automate, and streamline business tasks and processes. During the training, participants will have the opportunity to complete practical exercises that will help them develop skills in creating applications by solving a real problem for a fictional company. Additionally, the training aims to prepare participants for data modeling, user interface design, and analysis of business requirements and processes, so that they gain the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively utilize the Microsoft Power Platform.

After completing this training, you will be able to design applications, automate workflows, analyze and visualize data, and deploy/manage applications and automated workflows using Microsoft Power Platform. This will enhance your skills and also make you a valuable asset to your company by streamlining processes and increasing efficiency.

After the PL-100 course, you can take Microsoft certification exams:an Authorized Test Center,online being monitored by an offsite proctor. Details on the website:https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/certifications/exams/pl-100/

  • Basic knowledge of data modeling, user experience design, requirements analysis and process analysis are required.
  • Students do not need to have formal IT training but should be comfortable using technology to solve business problems and be committed to personal development.
  • Basic level of knowledge of computer technology, cloud computing and the Internet.
  • Training: English
  • Materials: English

* electronic handbook available at:


* access to Altkom Akademia student portal


Training method:




  1. Introduction to Microsoft Power Platform

    • Getting Started with Microsoft Power Platform for app makers
    • Describe the different products that are part of Microsoft Power Platform
    • Describe the difference between Canvas and Model-Driven Apps and when to use each of them
    • Describe the different admin and maker portals available
    • Describe Copilot and Power Platform
  2. Introduction to Microsoft Dataverse

    • Get started with Dataverse
    • Create tables in Microsoft Dataverse
    • Create and manage columns within a table in Dataverse
    • Packaging application components for distribution
  3. Introduction to Microsoft Dataverse for Teams

    • Get started with Dataverse for Teams
    • Build your first app with Dataverse for Teams
  4. Create model-driven apps in Power Apps

    • Get started with model-driven apps in Power Apps
    • Configure Forms and Views in model driven apps
    • Incorporate business logic in your apps
    • Building a model app
    • Get started with security roles in Dataverse
  5. Create a Canvas App in Power Apps

    • Get started with Power Apps
    • Use and understand Controls in a canvas app in Power Apps
    • Navigation in a canvas app in Power Apps
    • Customize a canvas app in Power Apps
    • How to build the UI in a canvas app in Power Apps
    • Manage apps in Power Apps
  6. Automate a business process using Power Automate

    • Get started with Power Automate
    • Common Connectors
    • Test & Troubleshoot
    • Working with Copilot
    • Get started with Power Automate Desktop Flows
    • Introduction to Process Mining
  7. Create and use analytics reports with Power BI

    • Get started with Power BI
    • Create reports with Power BI and Dataverse for Teams
  8. Get started with AI Builder

    • Introduction to AI Builder