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Employee Experience Platform Specialist

kod szkolenia: MS-080 / ENG DL 1d
Authorized training Microsoft Employee Experience Platform Specialist MS-080 course on-line course.

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The aim of the course:

  • Team leaders
  • Collaboration coordinators
  • HR professionals


In this course, you will learn how to guide people to create an optimal environment for their cooperation. The training aims to develop empathetic leadership and change the way employees think about their work. Additionally, it allows them to increase their productivity level through solutions to improve the working environment. The course will also indicate steps and solutions that will increase the effectiveness of employee training and development. The course is for everyone who wants to improve the quailty of employee experience in the enterprise by using modern tools and solutions available in the M365 cloud.

Obtaining knowledge and practical skills in assessing, planning, developing collaboration strategies, designing and managing digital employee environments using Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Power Platform solutions.

Implementation and configuration of employee experiences related to cooperation between teams of people.

Assessment and planning of employee career and skills development.

Planning and managing employee well-being and employee retention.

Configuration of acquiring knowledge and experience of employees..

  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft 365, Teams and SharePoint.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Viva features and capabilities.
  • Experience in one or more of the following disciplines: human resources, people development, change management, information technology or cultural development.
  • Ability to use English-language materials
  • Training: English
  • Materials: English





Training method:

  • theory
  • demos
  • joint projects
  • individual laboratories

specifying theory vs. practice 

  • 70% theory
  • 30% practice
  1. Designing digital employee experiences
  • Evaluate current employee experiences
  • Consider employee privacy and data requirements
  • Assemble business stakeholders and define goals
  • Explore Viva experience areas
  1. Introduction to Microsoft Viva suite
  • Getting started with Microsoft Viva
  • Application functions in the Microsoft Viva suite
  1. Introduction to Viva Connections
  • What do users experience?
  • When to use Viva Connections?
  • What technical requirements must be met to deploy Viva Connections?
  1. Plan for Viva Connections
  • Build your team and meet requirements
  • Analyze tasks and scenarios for Viva Connections
  • Plan for Viva Connections Dashboard, Feed and Resources
  • Plan to announce, launch, and scale adoption
  1. Design Skilling and Growth Experiences with Viva Learning
  • Plan for Viva Learning
  • Assemble Viva Learning admins and stakeholders
  • Understand content sources with Viva Learning
  • Coordinate setup and configuration of Viva Learning
  • Develop adoption strategies for Viva Learning
  • Develop an org-wide learning culture
  1. Create a Featured Set of Content in Viva Learning
  • Introduction to Viva Learning featured sets
  • Prepare your environment
  1. Design Productivity and Well-Being Experiences with Viva Insights
  • Measure workplace patterns with Viva Insights
  • Identify Viva Insights stakeholders
  • Assess experiences and define goals
  • Coordinate setup and deployment of Viva Insights
  • Communication and adoption planning
  1. Introduction to Viva Glint
  • Who is Viva Glint and what makes us different?
  • What is People Success?
  • What are the key benefits of using Viva Glint?
  • What are the survey types and how can they support engagement?
  • How can I drive transformation with effective conversations?
  1. Learn OKR essentials with Viva Goals
  • What are OKRs?
  • Why OKRs?
  • Best practices for getting started with OKRs and Viva Goals
  1. Role of OKR Champion
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • How to communicate about OKRs and Viva Goals with your team
  • How to successfully leverage resources