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Azure OpenAI: applying generative models in practice

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Authorial training. 


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czas trwania 3 dni |  21h|  16.09 17.09 18.09
5 000,00 PLN + 23% VAT (6 150,00 PLN brutto)
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5 000,00 PLN
5 000,00 PLN 6 150,00 PLN brutto

Discover the potential o huge language models such as   GPT, LaMDA or Llama, known as generative models which are able to generate complex answers for example personalized e-mail messages, summaries or active applications such as WWW websites or chatbots.

If you’re wondering how to use these possibilities and at the same Times you care about your data’s privacy, as well as system perfromance and security, the solution is Azure OpenAI. Combined with Power BI it enables data analysis and visualization, while thanks to integration with Microsoft Power Platform, especially AI Builder tool, we quickly and easily create virtual agents.

The training will enable you to start working with  Azure OpenAI. You will learn  how to configure Azure OpenAI and use it to process natural language and generating code. Furthermore, you will find out how to use your own data with models available as part of Azure OpenAI and integrate deployed models with your own applications and third party services.


After the training participants will be able to successfully use huge  language models  to solve your own business problems

The training is addressed mainly to business users. We do not require any knowledge from programming or machine learning algorithms.

  • Training: English
  • Materials: English



  • Introduction to Azure OpenAI.
  • Introduction to  Power BI.
  • Introduction to Microsoft Power Platform
  • Azure Open AI Studio and prompt engineering
  • Generating code with Azure OpenAI Service
  • Creating solutions of natural language with Azure OpenAI Service
  • Power BI Copilot
  • AI Builder