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Agile for Scrum – accredited training with exam

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How to combine the agile approach of project management with the Scrum philosophy?

Agile approaches are now a fairly standard approach to project management. On the one hand, the SCRUM philosophy, on the other, the Agile PM® design approach. Many organizations face the challenge of how to combine these two approaches, find a common denominator, and implement a solution that meets the needs. The Agile for Scrum approach comes in response to this. It explains where, how and who to involve so that these approaches can work together effectively, while leaving space for teams and managers to self-organize and work freely.


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The training is suitable for people with basic knowledge of SCRUM and Agile. It will benefit Scrum Masters, Product Owners, members of teams organized according to the SCRUM philosophy, as well as project teams.

Thanks to the training, You will learn:

  • the basic assumptions of the SCRUM philosophy
  • the basic assumptions of the Agile PM® approach
  • how to combine the roles proposed by SCRUM with project roles
  • to manage business requirements in the way that projects can be delivered on time and within a fixed budget
  • to use SCRUM philosophies for project
  • the assumptions of people management in the context of an agile environment
  • to analyze risks and adapt the level of project agility to the realities of the organization – you will learn the methods of estimating business requirements
  • how to use prioritization in a practical way to efficiently manage the scope of the project
  • At the end of this training
  • Multiple-choice
  • 50 questions
  • 40 minutes
  • 60% (30/50) to pass
  • No pre-requisites

No special preparation is required.

It is recommended that the participant read the Scrum Guide and the Agile PM® Preebook before the training. The materials will be made available to participants on the virtual class platform.

  • Training: English
  • Materials: English
  • Exam: English
  1. Scrum Overview
  2. Agile Enhanced Manifesto and Principles
  3. Scrum
  • Scrum Values
  • Scrum Theory
  • Scrum Events
  • Scrum Team
  • Artifacts and Commitments
  1. Business Agility and VUCA
  2. Product development and project management
  3. The main assumptions of Agile PM®
  • Agile Philosophy
  • Ethos
  • Principles
  • Project Variables
  1. Agile Leadership
  2. Communication and collaboration with stakeholders
  3. Project Lifecycle Framework
  • Pre project faze
  • Feasibility faze
  • Foundation faze
  • Evolutionary Development faze
  • Deployment faze
  • Post project faze
  1. Requirements through the lifecycle
  • How to create requirements
  • Estimating requirements
  • MoSCoW Prioritisation
  1. Planning and Control of the project
  2. Tailoring the Project Approach
  • Ways to organize projects combining the Agile PM® approach and Scrum
  • Agile project risk assessment
  • The Project Approach Questionnaire as a risk assessment tool