§ 1. Application

  1. Preliminary applications for participation in the courses offered by Altkom Akademia S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw (further as Altkom Akademia) is understood as:
    1. Completing an application online by the Client (namely an ordering party of the training service in Altkom Akademia) on Altkom Akademia’s website or
    2. Sending Client’s applications via e-mail to Altkom Akademia’s Sales Representative or to selected Altkom Akademia’s training center.
  2. In case of online application or sending a message via email, during the following working day preceding the date of application, Altkom Akademia’s sales representative shall contact the Client by the Informant on the Client’s side (namely, a person mentioned in the Application Chart for classes as the Infromant on behalf of the Client, dedicated to contact Altkom Akademia ) to specify the class participation in detail.
  3. Having specified the scope and the date of the course with Altkom Akademia’s sales representative, it is mandatory to print out and complete the Application Form for classes, available at Altkom Akademia’s website or use Application Form received via email from sales representative.
    1. In case of natural entities, who are not self-employed, the Application Form must be signed by the person who would like to take part in the the course (or legal custodian in case of underage people).
    2. In case of other entities, the Application Form must be signed by the person authorized to incurr financial liabilities, on behalf of the Client.
    3. The signature on the Application Form confirms the approval of "General condistion of participating in Altkom Akademia S.A. classes", including organizational and financial conditions of providing a service, as well as it entitles Altkom Akademia to issue an invoice.
  4. The condition of participating in the course is sending correctly completed the Application Form via fax or as a scan via e-mail to sales representative or Altkom Akademia S.A. training center, together with accepting "General conditions of participating in Altkom Akademia S.A. courses" at least 10 working days before the first day of the week, when the course will begin. Not sending correctly completed the Application Form or sending it within the date shorter than the one mentioned above shall not oblige Altkom Akademia to provide the training. Altkom Akademia accepts the Application Form after the due date only when availability of free places on the attendance list of the course, to which the application is referred to, is confirmed.
  5. Before starting the course, the Client via the Informant, will receive the confirmation of providing the course within the date agreed, by the phone or via e-mail.
  6. If a Framework Cooperation Agreement has not been signed between Altkom Akademia and the Client, the provisions of the abovementioned „General conditions of participating in Altkom Akademia S.A. courses" are applied provided they do not contradict the provisions of framework cooperation agreement which have priority.

§ 2. Payment conditions

  1. Payment for participating in the course should be settled on the basis of „General conditions of participating in Altkom Akademia S.A. courses” thereof.
  2. General payment conditions are the following:
    1. Natural entities are obliged to issue via bank transfer 100% of the course proce + VAT, at least 10 working days nefore the first day of the week when the classes will begin;
    2. in case of payment mentioned above, natural entities are obliged immediately to deliver confirmation of payment to sales representative or Altkom Akademia’s training center, via email;
    3. other entities are obliged to pay 100% course price + VAT on the basis of VAT invoice, issued by Altkom Akademia S.A. after completing the course, the payment has to be settled within the period specified in the contract;
  3. In case of the course the price of which has been put in euro, an invoice will be issued in PLN for a total sum equalling the price calculated according to the average euro rate announced by National Polish Bank, one working day preceding the date of issuing an invoice.
  4. The prices of classes offered by Altkom Akademia have been put in net price. The classes (trainings, workshops and consultations) are subject to taxation of 23% VAT tax rate, apart from the classes exempt from VAT, following Art. 43 pt. 26 and pt. 29 of the Goods and Services Tax Act from 11th of March 2004 (Journal of Laws No 54, item 535, uniform text).
  5. In case of the classes provided by Altkom Akademia as a continuing education institution, the classes are subject to exemption from VAT.
  6.  In case when the course is organized by Altkom Akademia shall not take place in the due date or in case of no free places within the date provided, the sums paid for the course, specified in the point 2a mentioned above or framework cooperation agreement, shall be considered by Altkom Akademia as the sums for participating in other classes organized by Altkom Akademia, agreed with Client or at his request. Altkom Akademia shall reimburse the sum paid to the Client’s bank accounts within 7 working days since the date of recieving refund order from the Client.
  7. Payment for participation in the course may also be covered by Altkom Akademia Education Vouchers, which might be used by their owners or a person indicated by name in the Education Voucher to issue a payment or partial payment for selected open training, depending on the training’s pricelist value. The current rules of providing Education Vouchers is available at  https://www.altkomakademia.pl/regulamin-bony-edukacyjne/  and in company’s registered office.

§ 3. Resignation

  1. After sending the Application Form, the Informant may resign from participating in selected course, without bearing any costs, provided he or she will submit a resignation at least 10 working days before the first day of the week, subject to section 3 below.
  2. In case of resigining from the course 9 or less working days before the first day of the week, when the classes begin or on the first day of the classes (Absence), the Client is obliged to issue a payment comprising 100% the course price + VAT based on VAT invoice issued after the class’ completion, the payment shall be settled within 14 working days since the date of issuing VAT invoice.
  3. In case of resigning from the course from IBM catalogue to which „a dedicated laboratory” option referrs to, 15 working days or less before the first day of the week when the classes begin or on the day of starting the classes (Absence), Altkom Akademia has the right to demand the Client to issue a payment comprising 100% course price + VAT based on VAT invoice (which shall be issued after scheduled date of the course); the payment has to be settled within 14 working days since the date of issuing VAT invoice.
  1. In case of resigning from participating in classes at least 10 working days before the first day of the week when the classes start, the participants who has received a handbook before starting the course, is obliged to return it within 7 working days since submitting a resignation, subject to section 5 below.
  1. In case of resigning from participation in classes at least 10 working days before the first day of the week when the classes begin, Altkom Akademia shall charge the Client with the costs of purchasing handbook in case of not returning it voluntarily, as well as with other costs concerning the training organisation.
  1. The information about resignation must be put in writing otherwise shall be null and void and may be sent by fax or as a scan via email to sales representative or Altkom Akademia’s training center where the classes take place.

§ 4. Organisational notes

  1. As part of payment for the course taking place in Altkom Akademia’s training centers, each participants is provided with:


    Distance Learning
    a dedicated training position * + -
    online training environment * - +
    appropriate training materials shared in a form and rules specified in section 8 below *


    one hot meal during a day (refers to whole day classes), coffee, tea and water during breaks


    free of charge, indefinite access to educational web portal Moja Akademia (further as „Portal”) ** following the conditions indicated in sections 9-14 below + +

* Provided conditions and thorough course terms do not state otherwise.

** The rules of using the Portal by the participants are specified by the Portal terms of use at www.altkomakademia.pl/regulamin-portalu.

  1. The course provided by Altkom Akademia takes place on-premises in selected Altkom Akademia’s training centers, outside Altkom Akademia’s training centers or in Distance Learning form.
  1. The Distance Learning classes might take place in location selected by Altkom Akademia which is not a permanent Altkom Akademia’s training center, following the conditions specified below:
    1. Altkom Akademia is responsible for technical and organisational preparation of a selected place to conduct a training.
    2. The training location shall be in the administrative region (city) where Altkom Akademia’s training center is situated, to which the Client submitted a request to participate in the training.
    3. The precise address of the location where the training shall take place will be provided at least 3 working days before the training starts. The training location’s address shall be provided via e-mail or in an invitation from the Portal.
    4. In case of inability to conduct the training caused by Altkom Akademia, the Client has the right to attend the training once again in the other date or terminate the agreement, following the paragraph 2, page 6, excluding the clause of paragraph 5 point 1.
  1. On-premises course may also take place outside Altkom Akademia’s training centers, following the conditions specified below:
    1. The trainings outside Altkom Akademia’s registered office are named as „trainings at Client’s office”, these are the trainings the location of which is indicated by the Ordering Party.
    2. The Ordering Party is obliged to specify technical and organisational conditions of the location he or she indicates, such as: classroom equipment, the rules of Internet access, the conditions of possible delivery or sending materials and hardware, if it is necessary to conduct classes, as well as collecting it after the training.
    3. Specifying technical and organisational requirements depends on the type and scope of the training. Actions undertaken by Altkom Akademia in order to provide the training shall be adequate to the training requirements and technical and organisational capabilities of the Ordering Party.
    4. The Ordering Party is responsible for fulfilling declared technical requirements concerning the training’s execution, within the time and location indicated by himself. If the requirements are not met, Altkom Akademia reserves the right to charge the Client with the full costs of the training, excluding paragraph 5, item 1.
  1. Participating in Distance Learning classes shall be understood as taking part in the classes conducted by the trainer live and broadcast in the real time, via Internet channel to the participants who physically is at a different Altkom Akademia’s training center than the one in which classes are taking place or in a different location selected by the Client.
    1. The participants of Distance Learning classes, via videoconferences, attends the course led by the trainer, and has an opportunity to communicate and interact with the instructor and a group, performs works in real training environment, with a possibility of doing exercises and laboratories under expert’s supervision.
    2. The Distance Learning classes are formal in nature: they take place within the specified date and hours, their course is under trainer’s total control.
    3. During the Distance Learning classes the Participant, who is at Altkom Akademia’s training center, has a laptop equipped with videocamera and microphone, which are used for two-way communication. Depending on the type of classes, the participants has access to proper devices, among others another PC computer used to perform laboratories. Within the duration of the classes the trainer has a possibility of online access to participant’s computer. The hardware is prepared according to the course requirements. At Altkom Akademia’s training center, where Distance Learning classes take place, where is the participants, the technical specialist provides support.
    4. During the Distance Learning classes, the participant who is in a location selected by himself, outside Altkom Akademia’s training center, in order to use the service properly, should have:
      • PC computer or notebook equipped with microphone, speakers and Internet camera with the Internet browser operating on HTML 5.
      • Screen
      • Permanent Internet access.
    5. The information in detail about obligatory and recommended technical requirements are available at https://www.altkomakademia.pl/distance-learning/ and shall be provided by sales representative after submitting an applications for the training.
    6. Before starting the Distance Learning classes, the Participant and the Informant shall receive the confirmation of providing the Distance Learning classes within the date scheduled by the phone or via e-mail. The participants is obliged to be present 15 minutes before the course starts.
  2. Altkom Akademia may cancel the classes or refuse to conduct them, especially when the reason are organisational difficulties or lack of sufficient number of volunteers. The Client shall be informed about the fact and the reason of cancelling the classes by Altkom Akademia via the Informant within the shortest date possible.
  3. All the costs related to commuting to the training center and accomodation shall bear the course participants.
  4. The training materials related to the course (for example handbooks, presentations, exercises, tests) are shared with the training participants only in electronic form, via Portal, apart from the situation when the conditions of authorisation binding Akademia or other reasonable didactic needs require sharing the training materials in other form than the abovementioned.
  5. Each training participants is provided with subject matter support in a form of knowledge exchange forum which i san integral element of the Portal.
  6. Altkom Akademia creates an individual user accounts for every training participants mentioned in the Application Form.
  7. The Client in the Application Form shall provide Altkom Akademia with an individual e-mail address of every course participant.
  8. The training participants is obliged to activate his accounts on the Portal.
  9. Not passing the information enabling to create user accounts for the course participant in the Application Form by the Client, as well as not activating the user’s accounts created by Altkom Akademia by the participant himself or failing to use the authorizations granted to the participants shall be synonymous with resigning to access the Portal, which comprises an element of Altkom Akademia’s service,  by the participant. In such a case neither the training participants nor the Informant shall be entitled to any claims.
  10. Akademia reserves the right to refuse to provide services in case of not transferring data of the participants of the trainings which enable to create an account at the Portal.
  11. By signing the Application Form, the Client agrees to place and process his personal data included in the Application Form by Altkom Akademia S.A. following the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) 2016/679 from 27th of April 2016 concerning the protection of natural entities due to personal data processing and regarding a free flow of such data, and the Act on Rendering Electronic Services from 18th of July 2002 (namely, from 15th of October 2013, Journal of Laws, item 1422) for the purposes connected with service providing. In case of providing personal data of the participants attending different classes than the Informant, the Client is obliged to have a consent of the participants to place and administer their personal data by Altkom Akademia S.A. within the area indicated above.
  12. Altkom Akademia reserves the right to record (in audio or video form) the training provided in an open formula, however, with limiting the video recording to the trainer and the content of the presentation.

§ 5. Final provisions

  1. Both parties reserve the right not to fulfill the provisions of the Agreements in cases of force majeure, which does not depend on Parties, such as natural disasters, natural catastrophes or failure of the Internet Service Providers (ISP).
  2. Altkom Akademia reserves the right to introduce changes into "General conditions of participating in Altkom Akademia S.A. courses". These changes are being published on Altkom Akademia’s website on regular basis. The current conditions on the day of sending the Application Form are binding.
  3. In case of declaring any provisions of "General conditions of participating in Altkom Akademia S.A. courses" as void or against the law, the validity of the remaining provisions remains unaffected.
  4. All disputes due to providing the trainings indicated in the Apllication Form in case of the Clients who are not consumers within the meaning of the regulations of the Polish Law, shall be settled by Court of General Jurisdiction proper for Altkom Akademia’s registered office.