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TOGAF® Workshop for Practitioners (Level 1&2) - Distance Learning

training code: TG0102 / ENG DL 4d / EN

level Advanced

For more information, please contact the sales department. For more information, please contact the sales department.
7,100.00 PLN 8,733.00 PLN with TAX

The training is intended for the people who would like to gain a thorough knowledge about the TOGAF® 9.2 standard or would like to participate actively in the architectural process. You may distinguish in this group Enterprise Architects and Domain Architects, as well as people responsible for Architecture Governance or implementation of Digital Transformation in organization.

TOGAF® Workshop for Practitioners (Level 1&2) training fully covers the set of issues defined by The Open Group in syllabus, by providing a necessary knowledge required to apply for TOGAF® 9 Certified certificate. The training completion will allow to prepare well for certificate examination.

The training also allows to get to know in detail the concepts and vocabulary used in the field of Enterprise Architecture, which is vital for governing and managing architectural work, as well as successful communication with stakeholders as a part of architectural and transformational projects. Thus, it allows to consciously and appropriately use these concepts in practice.

Altkom Akademia sp. z o.o. acquired the prestigious status Gold Member of The Open Group. Our trainers actively participate in work on developing standards and in architectural projects. The training constitutes a space to share knowledge – both theoretical and practical.

The date and the venue of the examination should be booked on your own within 12 months since the date of issuing a voucher at any Pearson VUE examination centre.

Attending the training: WAK – Introduction to Enterprise Architecture

As a supplement we recommend:

  • TG-ARM – ArchiMate® Workshop for Practitioners
  • AKWP – Enterprise Architecture Workshop for Practitioners
  • Training: English
  • Training materials: English
  • Exam: English

As part of the offer, the participant is provided with

  • The 4-day on-line training provided by The Open Group approved trainer
  • TOGAF 9.2® standard – electronic version
  • Sample examination questions bundle

The price of the training includes TOGAF® 9 Combined Part 1 and Part 2 examination voucher

The date and the venue of the examination should be booked on your own within 12 months since the date of issuing a voucher at any Pearson VUE examination centre.

  1. Introduction
    • Basic concepts of Enterprise Architecture
    • Core concepts of TOGAF® 9.2 standard
  2. Architecture Development Method (ADM)
    • Introduction
    • ADM Phases
      • Objectives
      • Steps
      • Inputs and outputs
      • Practical approach
  3. ADM Guidelines
    • Architecture Development Method iterations
    • Scoping architectural work
      • Levels of details
      • Partitioning
    • SOA architecture
    • Security architecture
      • Main aspects related to Security Architecture and risk
      • Architecture deliverables describing Security Architecture in particular phases of the ADM cycle
  4. ADM Techniques
    • Architectural Principles
    • Goals of architectural work
    • Business Scenarios
    • Stakeholders Management
    • Gap Analysis
    • Interoperability
    • Capability-based Planning
    • Migration Planning Techniques
    • Business Transformation Readiness Assessment
    • Risk Management
  5. Architecture work products
    • Content Metamodel (basic content and extensions)
    • Types of architecture work products
    • View, Viewpoints and Stakeholders
    • Deliverables
    • Artifacts
    • Building Blocks
    • Architecture Patterns
  6. Enterprise Continuum
    • Enterprise Continuum
    • Architecture Repository
  7. Reference Models
  8. Architecture Capability Framework
    • Architecture Governance
      • Organizational model
      • Conceptual model
      • Architecture Contract
      • Architecture Compliance Review Process
    • Skills, roles and responsibilities as part of Architecture Governance
      • Architecture Board
    • Architecture Capability Maturity Model


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