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MoV® Foundation - accredited training with exam

training code: ZP-FMoVen / ENG DL 3d / EN

level Basic

For more information, please contact the sales department. For more information, please contact the sales department.
3,600.00 PLN 4,428.00 PLN with TAX

Management of Value (MoV®)Foundation

Course is intended for people who work in project environment (including Project Office) and all the people who would like to deepen their knowledge about projects with specific, solid tools and techniques form the area of expanding and controlling project benefits.

  • Becoming familiar with main processes and techniques used in Management of Value.

  • Understanding how Management of Value may be applied in portfolio, programme, project and at operational levels.

  • Understanding how to response to external and internal influences  of project environment.

  • Management of Value will help to increase competitiveness, productivity and profitability:

    • by maximizing return on investment,

    • by providing optimal use of resources,

    • by providing Clients with proper value for money,

    • by improving production and service providing,

    • by eliminating non-profitable practices.

  • Obtaining international life-time  MoV® Foundation certificate.

The participants receive vouchers, which are valid for 6 months, for online exam.

Having completed the training, the participant receives an e-mail with guidelines how to register on the exam. The date is determined directly with  PeopleCert, with the use of participant’s account.

Online exam is conducted in the presence of proctor – a person from PeopleCert, who connects remotely with training participant’s desktop and observes the course of exam via Internet camera.

The person who takes the exam is obliged to show the place where he is going to write the exam to proctor via Internet camera. Proctor checks if there are not any other persons and study aids in the room.

MoV Foundation exam:

  • Exam duration 40 minutes
  • 50 single choice questions
  • Required 50%, 25 correct answers
  • Closed book
  • Online version (with Proctor)

Theoretical knowledge from Project Management will be an asset.

  • Training: English
  • Materials: English
  • Exam: English

The training price includes:

  • Accredited training materials
  • Voucher for the MoV® Foundation online exam
  • From February 1, 2022, also the authorized MoV® manual in the online version (as required by the vendor)

Additional options:

  • Take2 re-sit exam: 200 zł 
    Attention: purchasing this option is only possible through Altkom Academy before the training.
  1. Introduction to course and presenting goals of the course.

  2. Introduction to Management of Value:

    • What is Value?
    • Why Management of Value is so important?
    • When to use Management of Value?
  3. Principles – Management of Value good practices:

    • combining with organization’s goals,
    • focusing on functions and requirements,
    • balancing factors for maximizing value,
    • use during making investment decisions,
    • adjustment to change topic,
    • gaining experience in learning organization,
    • clear roles and responsibilities creating the culture of support for Management of Value.
  4. Processes in Management of Value:

    • specifying project or programme,

    • collecting information,

    • analyzing information,

    • processing information,

    • evaluation and selection,

    • extending offers increasing the value,

    • implementing and sharing performance.

  5.  Management of Value techniques:

    • functional analysis  (among others FAST, Value Index, Value Tree),

    • functional analysis of costs,

    • Value engineering,

    • commonly used techniques in Management of Value (among others Benchmarking, process mapping, brainstorm).

  6. Implementation methods:

    • planning activities related to Management of Value,

    • understanding what Value in organization is,

    • giving Value priority,

    • increasing Value,

    • quantitive specification of Value,

    • Value improvement control,

    • drawing conclusions as an aspect of learning organization.

  7. Environment and embedding Management of Value in organization.

  8. Key documents in Management of Value.

  9. Studying Management of Value maturity in organization using Health Check method.

  10. MoV® Foundation exam