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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (ERP)

training code: MB-920 / ENG DL 1d / EN

level Basic

duration 1 day |  7h|  06.09
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The course introduces students in basic concepts  and functions shared by  Dynamics 365 applications. Then the course analyses each application  providing students with review of its possibilities.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (ERP) training completion provides students with solid basics in the area of clients’ involvement and application functionalities. This knowledge allows them to successfully cooperate with clients and maximally use their abilities offered by applications. Furthermore, the course equips students with knowledge and skills necessary to understand financial and operational applications, as well as their navigation. Thanks to that they may successfully manage financial processes and optimize business operations using Dynamics 365.

After the MB-920 course, you can take Microsoft certification exams:an Authorized Test Center,online being monitored by an offsite proctor. Details on the website:


Course participants don’t have to have any experienced with Dynamics 365 before taking the course, however students should have basic understanding of financial rules and business operations. Furthermore, it is recommended that they have fundamental level of knowledge of computer technology, computing cloud and Internet.

  • Training: English
  • Materials: English

Training method:

explaining technical concepts,

practical laboratories


  1. Get to know the possibilities of financial and operational applications.

    1. Describe financial and operational applications.
    2. Describe possibilities of reporting and integration in financial and operational applications.
  2. Learn Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance fundamentals.

    1. Describe fundamental Finance possbilities.
    2. Describe main library in Finances.
    3. Describe liabilities and receivables servicing in Finance.
    4. Describe expense, asset and budgeting management in Finance.
  3. Learn Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management fundamentals.

    1. Describe Chain Supply Management general possibilities.
    2. Describe possibilities of warehouse and supply management in Supply Chain Management.
    3. Describe production strategies in Supply Chain Management.
  4. Learn Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce fundamentals.

    1. Describe digital commerce possiblities.
    2. Describe clienteling possiblilites and fraud protection in digital commerce.
  5. Learn Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources fundamentals.

    1. Describe fundamental Human Resources possibilities.
    2. Describe possibilties to manage personel in Human Resources.
  6. Learn Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations fundamentals.

    1. Identify possiblities of project life-cycle management in Project Operations.
    2. Describe possiblities of planning and executing the project in Project Operations