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Microsoft Copilot – your intelligent assistant

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Authorial training. 

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duration 1 day |  7h|  26.08
1,400.00 PLN + 23% VAT (1,722.00 PLN with TAX)
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1,400.00 PLN + 23% VAT (1,722.00 PLN with TAX)
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1,400.00 PLN 1,722.00 PLN with TAX

Chatbots, which are based on huge linguistic models, such as Microsoft Copilot, change the way we use computers and Internet. Not only do we use them to look for answers in widely available and personal data, but also to generate content (mails, posts, graphics and aritcles), analyze, generate, and summarize data in various formats, or translate texts. The aim of the training is acquaintance with Microsoft Copilot chatbot within the scope allowing to fully use its possibilities.

Having completed the training, you will be able to use all possibilities of Microsoft Copilot effectively and securely in everyday work.

 This includes in particular:

  • Generating drafts of documents in different versions and styles. Copilot may help you create drafts of documents such as reports, presentations, e-mails, articles, and many others based on your needs and preferences. You may choose from various templates, tones and formats and Copilot will adapt to your writing style, as well as suggest the content which fits your goal and recipient.
  • Automatic search of Information on the Internet and your own documentation. Copilot may help you find answers to your questions and solve problems by using advanced algorithms of searching and machine learning. Copilot can search Information on the Internet by using Bing Search, or your own documents with the use of Microsoft AI Search, and Microsoft Graph. You may ask Copilot a question in natural language, and it will find the most accurate and reliable sources.
  • Analyzing documents and generating their summary. Copilot may help you understand and summarize main points and conclusions of any document such as article, book, report, or agreement. Copilot may analyze structure, content, and context of a document, and then generate brief and concise summary which emphasizes key Information and helps you save time and.
  • Automatic translating and paraphrasing documents. Copilot may help you communicate and collaborate with people from different countries and cultures, by translating and paraphrasing documents to any language. Copilot may use Microsoft Translator to provide precise and fluent translations which have the meaning and tone of the original text. Copilot can also help avoid plagiarism and improve the quality of its writing by offering alternative ways of expressing thoughts and ideas.
  • Generating graphics. Copilot may help you create attractive and professional graphics such as graphs, diagrams, maps, icons, and images, which complete and enrich your document. Copilot uses Microsoft Designer to create graphics based on text description or data. You may adjust graphic layout and style, while Copilot automatically customizes it to your document.
  • Q&A (Questions and Answers): Copilot may answer questions from various areas such as mathematics, science, history, technology etc.
  • Generating code: If you need a source code in a specific programming language, Copilot may generate it based on your description.
  • Data analysis. Copilot can help you discover and use the potential of your data by applying advanced analytical and statistical tools. Copilot may aid you in importing, cleaning, processing, and visualizing data from various sources such as Excel, Power BI, SQL Server, or Azure. Copilot can also assist you in generating formulas, Identifying patterns, trends, and anomalies, as well as drawing conclusions and recommendations from your data.
  • Generating sample data. Copilot may help you in testing and checking the accuracy of its solutions by generating sample data which fit your criteria and requirements. Copilot can use AI and data_gen tool to create real and coherent data such as names, addresses, phone numbers, dates, numbers, texts and many more. You may specify the type, scope, format, and data quantity, while Copilot will deliver them as a table, list, or file.

Good computer skills. The training is addressed to all people interested in practical use of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Training: English
  • Materials: English

Training method:

Lecture + exercises

  1. Introduction to Microsoft Copilot
  2. Comparing Microsoft Copilot with assistants such as GitHub Copilot, Microsoft 365 Copilot, Copilot for Azure and Copilot for Power Platform
  3. Introduction to Generative AI
  4. Structure and activity of huge language models
  5. Prompt engineering
  6. Practical use of Microsoft Copilot (looking for information, data analysis, summarising long documents, explaining complex issues, generating content, paraphrasing, and translating documents, generating, and editing images)
  7. RAG mechanism and its use to enrich prompts with automatically searched data
  8. Responsible use of Microsoft Copilot (limitations of huge language models, ethical and legal issues).