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Managing Microsoft Teams

training code: MS-700 / ENG DL 4d / EN
Authorized training Managing Microsoft Teams MS-700 course on-line course. This course is for Administrators.

level Basic

For more information, please contact the sales department. For more information, please contact the sales department.
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The training is intended for people responsible for Microsoft Teams management and is aimed at people who aspire for the role of Microsoft 365 Teams administrator. Microsoft Teams administrators configure, implement and manage Office 365 overloads for Microsoft Teams, which focus on successful and effective cooperation and communication in corporate environment. The course is also aimed at people who would like to take a Microsoft 365 Certified: Teams Administrator Associate certification exam.

The course consists of such topics as:

Discussing Microsoft Teams:

  • Microsoft Teams review
  • Teams architecture and related Office 365 overloads
  • review of securities and concordances in Microsoft Teams
  • review of Microsoft Teams management.

Implementing management, security and concordance for Microsoft Teams:

  • planning and configuring management for Office 365
  • the rules related to expiry and naming
  • implementing security via configuring conditional access, MFA or managing threats for Microsoft Teams
  • implementing concordance for the teams using DLP rules, eDiscovery cases or rules of supervision.

Preparing an environment to implement Microsoft Teams:

  • planning an update from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams
  • update paths in coexistence and updating modes
  • managing meeting migrations
  • configuring coexistence and updating settings
  • planning and configuring network settings for Microsoft Teams
  • implementing and managing Microsoft Teams endpoints.

Implementing and team management:

  • creating and managing teams
  • managing membership and access both for internal and external users.

Managing cooperation and communication in Microsoft Teams:

  • managing experiences related to chat and copperation, such as team settings or the rules of creating private channels
  • managing settings of Teams application, such as the rules of installing an application, applications, bots and connectors in Microsoft Teams or publishing a non-standard application in Microsoft Teams

managing communication in Microsoft Teams, including management of live events and meetings, such as managing phone numbers or telecommunication system for Microsoft Teams, as well as how to solve problems with sound, video or clients

Gaining knowledge and practical skills in Office 365.

Including an acquaitance with:

  • Microsoft Teams and the way its components work
  • Implementing management, security and concordance for Microsoft teams
  • Preparing organizational environment to implement Microsoft Teams
  • Implementing and managing teams
  • Ways of managing cooperation in Microsoft Teams
  • Techniques of managing and solving communication problems in Microsoft Teams.

After the MS-700 course, you can take Microsoft certification exams:an Authorized Test Center,online being monitored by an offsite proctor. Details on the website:

Perfect understanding of basic functions related to Microsoft 365 services, perfect understanding of general IT practices including the use of PowerShell.

An ability to use English materials

To increase the comfort of work and training’s effectiveness we suggest using an additional monitor. The lack of additional monitor does not exclude participation in the training, however, it significantly influences the comfort of work during classes.

  • Training: English
  • Materials: English



  1. Discussing Microsoft Teams:

    • Discussing Microsoft teams
    • Review of security and concordance in Microsoft Teams
    • Lab: Managing roles and creating teams, preparing team’s role and license, creating a new team and creating teams.
  2. Implementing management, security and concordance with Microsoft Teams:

    • Implementing management and managing life-cycle for Microsoft teams
    • Implementing securities for Microsoft teams
    • Implementing concordance for Microsoft teams
    • Lab: Configuring securities and concordance for teams and content, implementing management and manging life-cycle for,implementing securities for Microsoft teams, implementing concordance for Microsoft Teams.
  3. Preparing an environment to implement Microsoft Teams:

    • Updating Skype for business application to Microsoft Teams
    • Planning and configuring network settings for Microsoft Teams
    • Implementing Microsoft Teams endpoints and managing them
    • Lab: Preparing an environment for teams, calculating network opportunities, assessing configuration profiles, providing team resources.
  4. Introducing and managing teams:

    • Creating and managing teams
    • Membership management
    • Access management for external users
    • Lab: Managing teams, managing team resources, sharing and access management.
  5. Cooperation in Microsoft Teams:

    • Managing chats and cooperation experience
    • Managing Teams application’s settings
    • Lab: Modifying cooperation settings for teams, configuring the rules related to channels and messages, managing applications settings for a team.
  6. Communication management in  Microsoft Teams:

    • Managing live events and experience from meetings
    • Managing phone numbers
    • Managing telecommunication system for Microsoft teams
    • Problems with sound, video and with a client
    • Lab: Modifying communication settings for teams, configuring the rules related to meetings, telecommunication system management for Microsoft teams, solving problems with a sound, video and clients.